Egbon and Mazi

Pidgin News (283): Scary Prophesy About Abuja

Scary Prophesy About Abuja

Egbon: One thing wey me i know for sure na say, e fit take 20 years for lie to dey run o, but, one day True go catch am

Mazi: You don start with all these your proverb wey dey always sound suspicious again bah, waka straight make i see where you dey go now, abi you dey fear

Egbon: Fear kini, as you see me so, na only Baba God i dey fear, i no dey fear anybody, the thing wey i dey try talk na ontop this rumour say Bubu don pai since

Mazi: Ahh, which road you dey go again now, at least since Bubu don go Arise TV, people don commot mouth for the matter now

Egbon: And na why i talk say one day one day, true go show face, i no wan reason the matter again, if no be say Obasanjo chuk mouth put

Scary Prophesy About Abuja

Mazi: Wetin him talk ontop the matter?

Egbon: Him talk say, e no dey possible make Bubu pai make dem no talk am since, say, make people commot mouth

Mazi: Gbam, make we commot mouth, if na lie or na true, las las time go tell, you don see the thing wey one Prophet talk say wan happen for Abuja?

Egbon: I never see am o, wetin him talk and na who be the Prophet?

Mazi: Na Primate Ayodele, him talk say him see say some people bin dey plan to throw Bomb for Abuja

Egbon: Ahhh, abeg o, make dem no play rough play come this area o

Mazi: Na serious rough play o, him say make DSS no siddon look, say make dem dey act like Eagle, make the Prophesy no come through

DSS Vs Sheik Gumi

Egbon: God no go allow make the prophesy come through o, because e even dey hard to trust these DSS people

Mazi: Why you talk so?

Egbon: You no hear the tory where dem talk say DSS invite Sheik Gumi make him con talk the thing wey him know ontop bandits matter

Mazi: That wan na better move now, at least, him fit help the DSS catch the bandits wey dey trouble innocent people

Egbon: As e sound like better move, Sheik Gumi talk say Bubu know everything ontop him movement, say him know the way him dey do meeting with the bandits

Mazi: Hmmm, this wan get as e be o, but wait o, shey him dey try tanlk say Buhari government dey support the thing wey him dey do?

Egbon: Na the meaning be that now, i even hear say the body wey dey reason student matter for Naija meet Gumi

Mazi: Maka why?

Egbon: Their Presido talk say dem go talk to Gumi make him fit follow the bandits talk make dem fit release the students wey dey their custody

Pete Edochie Berates Trends Among Nigerian Ladies

Mazi: Na wa o, this matter get as e be, i hear say Nollywood actor, Pete Edochie talk say e dey hard to find ladies wey dey natural for this country

Egbon: No be lie now, you no see as plenty ladies dey do surgery sake of say dem wan make their Chelsea plus Manchester United big wella

Mazi: Which wan be Chelsea plus Man United, how dem take enter this talk?

Egbon: Laugh… na their bobby plus backyard i dey try talk, dem dey use different different drug make the thing fit big well, so tey, dem go fix fake eye lashes, fake hair, everything fake

War Against Drug Abuse

Mazi: Na the same thing Edochie talk

Egbon: Na all the ladies wan dey do shakara, na so Bobriky too talk say him go do surgery, (Hiss..

Scary Prophesy About Abuja
Late ABSU Student.

Mazi: Dem go dey ok las las, con see the thing wey happen to this 400 student for Abia State University, dem say him take Collorado, con jump from 3 storey building, and na so him pai o

Egbon: Kai, i no just understand why some people no dey learn, him just kill himself ontop say him wan enjoy for some minutes o

Mazi: I no even know the thing wey dem dem enjoy for inside the drug wey dem dey take, make i con dey go jare

Egbon: Ok now, we go see later

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