Egbon and Mazi

Pidgin News (282): Nigeria Electric Car Miss Road

Nigeria Electric Car

Mazi: You see ehn, e fit take time o, but i know say one day Naija self go make sense like Obodo Oyinbo dem

Egbon: Ohh, i hear you, but no be by to dey talk talk alone (cut in..

Mazi: This wan wey dey ground no be talk alone o, you never hear say dem don launch Nigeria Electric Car, wey go soon booku for the country

Egbon: Laugh… Kai, and you bin think say this Nigeria electric car never miss road like this

Mazi: Why e no make sense o, you no dey happy say Naija self dey try level up with other countries wey dey grow

Egbon: I no talk say make Naija no grow, but e make sense if we try to see reality even if we dey happy say the country dey grow

Mazi: So why you con dey talk say this Nigeria Electric car miss road?

Nigeria Electric Car

Egbon: My brother the car miss road no be small, dem call am electric car, when we never see electricity use for our house or normal business

Pidgin News (282): Nigeria Electric Car Miss Road
Osinbajo drives Nigeria Electric car.

Mazi: Hmmm, but, the people wey do this thing go don think every every wey dem suppose think before dem talk say dem wan make Naija self get electric car

Egbon: Mazi, no dey siddon ontop chair wey get three legs, e dey very dangerous

Mazi: Which wan be chair wey get three legs again, how that wan take relate to Nigeria Electric car wey we bin dey talk since?

Egbon: Na the same thing we bin dey talk, chair wey get three leg na like person wey dey hope where hope no dey, if dem wan do this kain car, na electricity dem suppose arrange first

ITF Mobile Phone

Mazi: Well, if na that wan you get point, but, we suppose still clap for them say dem try 

Egbon: I no kuku talk say dem no try, the thing wey i dey talk na say, dem suppose build foundation before dem start to dey buy paint wey dem wan use paint the house

Mazi: Ok o, if you say the Nigeria Electric car miss road, wetin you go talk ontop the phone wey dem make for naija

Egbon: No be that ITF Mobile phone wey dem carry go meet Buhari that time?

Mazi: Gbam, na him, dem say the ITF Mobile na confirm android phone, con say na Abia and Lagos dem get everything wey dem take make the phone

Egbon: E make sense like that, e show say Naija self dey try do something wey go show to the world say we get people wey get better brain

Mazi: No be lie, people wey get better brain plenty for this country o, you no see the different different wonders wey all those Aba boys dey perform

Egbon: I dey tell you, Naija people no dey carry las, na our government dey make am look like say we no get people wey fit do things wey make sense

Mazi: E get one boy wey i watch ontop internet, dem say the boy build this thing wey dey fly for sky

Egbon: No be drone be that?

Mazi: Na him, na drone, him build am con even fly the thing for sky, later take remote land am back and people clap for the boy say him do well

Egbon: Naija youths dey try no be for mouth o, you no see as our people dey make impact if dem commot go Oyinbo country

Mazi: Wait o, that ITF Mobile, e no suppose too cost like that now

Egbon: We never even know how dem wan do the thing wey go make sense well and wey no go too dey expensive like that

Mazi: You see say Naija self get prospect to make sense

Egbon: No be say Naija no get prospect but e just dey very sad say the people wey dey leadership post no upgrade their mind, make dem fit see say development don pass all these things wey dem dey do, imagine Lai Mohammed dey go inspect tallest flag 

Mazi: Hmmm, that wan no follow, but, as we dey see the things wey no sweet our belle, we suppose dey clap when we see the ones wey make sense

Egbon: I concur, i wan dey go, i get family meeting

Mazi: No wahala now, we go talk later

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