Egbon and Mazi

Pidgin News (271): Lady Cut Off Employer’s Penis

Lady Cut Off Employer’s Penis

Egbon: Yes, na this kind thing suppose dey happen to all those men wey dey rape for this Naija, make the thing fit reduce, no be say make court dey waste time

Mazi: This wan wey you serious like this, e look like say the thing sweet your belle well well 

Egbon: Very well o, the thing dey totori me, dem say e get this young lady wey cut him Oga penis commot sake of (cut in

Mazi: Ah, and you talk say the thing sweet your belle, person cut another man factory, why the thing dey sweet your belle o

Egbon: Shebi no allow make i land, dem say the man na her employer for Spain and him wan rape her, na so she cut him machine commot

United African Republic, UAR

Mazi: Hmmm, though the thing wey the man do na bad thing, but the lady no suppose put law for her hand 

Egbon: Commot there jare, time don reach make anybody wey do anyhow dey see anyhow

Mazi: Oh, how you take see this new name wey dem propose say make Naija dey bear?

Egbon: You mean this United African Republic?

Mazi: Yes, i hear say some people dey suggest say make dem change the name from Nigeria to United African Republic, Maka why

Egbon: You self dey ask why, i no understand too o, because i no know whether na change of name go solve the wahala wey dey for this country like this

Mazi: Who suggest that thing self?

Egbon: Hmmm, i hear say na some people talk say na change of name dem want when dem dey review Naija constitution

Pidgin News (271): Lady Cut Off Employer'S Penis

Mazi: If you ask me o, the change of name fit help small abi wetin you think

Egbon: Mazi, change of name no be the way, Wetin happen to NEPA wey dem change to PHCN, wetin happen to SARS wey dem change to SWAT, forget that thing jare, all na wash

Teenager Stabs Pregnant Woman

Mazi: Make we see how the matter gi be now

Egbon: I fit bet money say nothing go change, everything na Grammar, Naija people too like to dey talk

Mazi: So, if dem con change the name, we no go be Nigerians again, we go con be Uranians

Egbon: I hear, no be only Uranians, na Bugarians, no be me and you go become Uranians

Mazi: Make we wait till the matter clear, con see as this 15-year old girl chuk pregnant woman knife for kano

Egbon: Ahhhhh, which kain spirit dey work for some people body self, wetin the pregnant woman do her now

Mazi: I wonder oo, according to the tory, dem say the small girl go her brother house for Kano, con say she wan see her brother wife, as that woman wey get 8 month belle come out, she chuk her knife o

Egbon: Kai, some people just get bad belle, chuk another man pikin knife, i hope say the woman no die

Mazi: Dem rush her go hospital, na there dem confirm say her pikin wey dey for belle don die, but dem still dey treat the mother

Egbon: I no just know where this world dey go, person go just dey see read some tory wey dey one kain, na make Baba God dey protect us o, i wan dey go jare

Mazi: We go see later now

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