For 6-Days, Man Rapes Girlfriend’s Corpse He Killed

A man known as Ifeanyi Njoku is now cooling off in the custody of the Lagos State Police Command, as he was detailed for reportedly murdering one Precious Okeke, his girlfriend, for some bizarre reasons.

The strange killing was not the only thing that surprised the neighbors who alerted the police, but the extent that which he went forward sleeping with the dead body for approximately six days, was what feared most people that heard the strange news.

Sadly, the crime was committed around the estate at Badore, Ajah part of Lagos State, as the report, however, confirmed that both the suspect and the deceased lived in Oke Street, where Njoku speculatively killed her for ritual.

Ritualist Assist Man is Committing Crime

As presumed, Njoku was not alone, he was allegedly aided by a witch doctor who advised him to use his lady for human sacrifice by first killing her and then sleeping with the corpse for six days.

One of the estate residents identified as Elizabeth John revealed that the smell of the corpse emanating from his apartment prompted them to inform the management of the estate.

“The boy was arrested and taken to the Lamgbasa Police Station and during interrogation, he confessed that he killed her six days ago. We learned that the boy offered N6m to kill the case; we also learned that he brought the friend from the village and they just moved into the estate.” She added.

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