Egbon and Mazi

Pidgin News (264): Sunday Igboho Partners Nnamdi Kanu

Sunday Igboho Partners Nnamdi Kanu

Egbon: All these people wey dey burn police station, burn INEC office in the South-east don dey overdo o, abi which kind thing be this

Mazi: I bin think say na only me see the matter like that, i no know say you self don see am as overdo

Egbon: Ah ah, e no make sense now, dem forget say na tax money dem go take repair all the property wey dem dey spoil

Mazi: I even hear say Oga for ekelebe, Alkali Baba don launch one ogbonge operation, dem call am operation restore peace

Egbon: E reach make dem restore peace o, because as the matter dey go now, e fit lead to something wey go big pass how people dey see am o

Mazi: Sometimes ehn, all these people wey dey destroy government property sake of say dem dey vex don forget say no be government go suffer the thing

Egbon: Abi now, las las, dem go announce one big money now say na him dem wan take repair the things wey dem spoil

Sunday Igboho Partners Nnamdi Kanu

Mazi: Na why i no understand the thing wey Sunday Igboho dey talk say him wan support Nnamdi Kanu ontop wetin him dey promote for South-East

Egbon: Well, i don read the tory and i no see anything wey wrong for the thing wey Sunday Igboho wan do, at least na sake of say make all these kidnapping plus killings fit stop

Mazi: Hmmm, you sure say that one no go look like say Yoruba plus Igbo dey join hand to fight Hausa like this?

Egbon: E no fit look like that, according to the thing wey Sunday Igboho talk, na bandits dem wan chase commot, no be Fulani or Hausa people wey no get hand inside bandits matter

Pidgin News (264): Sunday Igboho Partners Nnamdi Kanu
Yoruba activist, Sunday Igboho.

Oluwo Suggests Solution To Banditry

Mazi: No be say i no understand wetin him dey try do o, i just dey think say dem fit follow another way find solution to the bandits matter, make the thing no con turn yam pepper scatter scatter

Egbon: You see ehn, as the matter stand like this, e look like say government no wan take action, and na (cut in…

Mazi: Na why wetin o, no be now now, you talk say ekele Oga dem launch operation restore peace, why dem no allow make security people do the job

Egbon: Calm down make i explain give you, the ekele oga talk say dem go make sure say IPOB plus ESN people hear when ontop wetin dey play for South-East

Mazi: That one na for IPOB people wey dey destroy government property now, no be innocent people dem wan dey arrest

Egbon: Make i ask you, how many Boko Haram member government don arrest, con punish, no be the other day we hear say dem wan dey pay dem salary, why you no wan talk matter as e be?

Mazi: We no suppose dey compare who do bad pass o, bad na bad, no matter who do am?

Egbon: I see, na why i like the thing wey Oluwo of Iwo talk, him say make dem Pai anybody wey get hand inside bandits matter or anybody wey dey collobi people

NLC Versus El-Rufai

Mazi: Well, that one no be bad idea too, at least make e show say punishment dey for anybody wey dey do that kind thing, my own na say make e no look like Yoruba and Igbo versus Hausa

Egbon: E no fit look like that, and if e look like that, na this government self start am, you no see the people wey dem dey appoint for top top position

Mazi: That one na another matter now, wait o, how you take see this thing wey El-Rufai do for Kaduna, plus how the NLC take react

Egbon: Na very bad thing him do, how you go sack plenty workers like that, almost 70,000 workers na him this El-Rufai don sack o, and still dey sack workers dey go, e no make sense now

Couple Kills 2-weeks-old baby in ondo

Mazi: Kai, that number, plenty o, but him talk say, the money wey dem deyspend ontop salary too much, say na why him sack dem be that

Egbon: Him no get point jare, na only him government dey pay workers salary, na excuse wey no get leg be that one, con check this tory o, dem say husband am wife take blow kill their pikin for ondo

Mazi: For inside movie?

Egbon: Rara o, na for inside cinema, i say for ondo, you dey ask whether na inside movie, dem say dem say fight, and the woman carry the 2 weeks pikin for back, e con look like say na blow kill the pikin sha

Mazi: Ehn ehn, which kind parent be that, e no spoil, make police carry dem, make dem go learn lesson, i dey go

Egbon: Gbam, dem don carry dem, we go see now

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