Egbon and Mazi

Pidgin News (262): Nigerians Beg Goodluck Jonathan

Nigerians Beg Goodluck Jonathan

Egbon: Na only one thing dey totori my belle ontop Naija matter, after that one thing o, i no see another thing wey dey give my belle joy o

Mazi: Ohh, so, na wetin be that one thing wey dey totori your belle ontop Naija matter?

Egbon: My brother, i don look left, right, front and back, na one thing i see (cut in….

Mazi: You don start dey dey beat around bush again like this o, i ask you wetin be the thing, you just dey repeat one thing one thing since

Egbon: Mazi, the one thing na all these Naija pikin wey dey make the country proud anywhere dem find themselves for Obodo oyinbo

Mazi: Hmmmm, you get point, Naija people dey try no be small, that Naija spirit dey show anywhere we go

Egbon: You no see the thing wey Kelechi Iheanacho, Wlfred Ndidi, Azizat Oshoala, Anthony Joshua plus plenty others dey do for Sports

Goodluck Jonathan

Mazi: Dem try no be small, i carry kudos give dem, e show say Naija fit make sense (cut in…

Egbon: E fit make sense, only if we get leader wey get the interest of this country for mind, no all these wuruwuru wey we dey see up and down

Mazi: Leadership really dey important no be small, i even hear say some Naija youths don join voice dey beg Goodluck Jonathan o

Egbon: Why dem dey beg am?

Mazi: Dem say make Goodluck Jonathan contest for 2023 Presido position, say him government better pass this APC own

Egbon: Well, him try no be lie, at least hunger no dey ground like this during him government, but me no dey part of the people wey go beg Goodluck Jonathan o

Mazi: I no say you no go wan make him come back con do presido, sake of say him no be Yoruba man now

Egbon: forget that one jare, who dey talk about Igbo, Hausa or Yoruba here, so, you wan tell me say na only Goodluck Jonathan get the brain to become presido for 2023?

Traditionalist Warns Tinubu Against 2023

Mazi: I no talk say na him get brain pass, but at least the devil wey we know better pass the angel wey person no sabi o

Egbon: Forget that thing, nothing spoil if we try another person wey fit rule this country, i dey hear say this Peter Obi man get sense, make him try too, Osinbajo plus other sabi people dey this country

Mazi: No be lie, i bin think say you wan mention Tinubu join them before

Egbon: You suppose know me say i no dey put sentiment inside matter like this, because as Naija dey like this, na person wey get better Brain fit drive the bus reach destination o

Mazi: Gbam, you talk am well, i even hear say one herbalist don warn Tinubu say make him no bother to contest for the 2023 Presido, the herbalist talk say if him try am say him fit pai o

Bill Gates Exposed

Egbon: My brother, the thing wey matter pass na say make we get better leader

Mazi: You see this your motion ehn, i take my two hands suport am

Egbon: I even read one tory wey talk say Bill Gates dey chuk out for some women wey dey work with am for him company

Dr Anu Again

Pidgin News (262): Nigerians Beg Goodluck Jonathan

Mazi: Hmmm, i talk am say, smoke no fit dey if fire no dey, e possible make e be say na why Melinda Gates commot the marriage be that

Egbon: E possible, but nobody dey too sure of wetin dey play between dem, the tory too long, e reach one part where dem say na one man Jeffrey Ephrein advise Bill Gates make him commot the marriage

Mazi: Na why e dey hard to chuk mouth for husband and wife matter be that, Egbon, con check this tory o, dem talk say that dr Anu wey dey do sakamanje surgery don do another one

Egbon: Ehn ehn, but why people no dey learn self, ontop the thing wey we hear about that woman, some people still dey carry their body go meet hehr, ehn

Mazi: Kai, if you see wetin happen to this lady wey go meet Dr Anu for surgery make she fit get big bakasi, she say she no dey Naija to fit hear the bad bad things wey Dr Anu don do before

Egbon: Hmmm, na insect eye go kill some people, ontop big bakasi now, she don carry wetin pass her, see wetin happen to her, i no pity her sha, this wan go teach other people lesson, make i con dey go jare

Mazi: Big lesson o, later now

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