Reports Reveal Reason For Bill Gates’ Divorce

Following the shocking announcement of the breakup between Bill and Melinda Gates, many admirers of the couple have been itching to know the reason for Bill Gates’ divorce after twenty-seven years old marriage.

Meanwhile, reports have blamed the divorce on Bill’s relationship with Jeffrey Epstein and inappropriate behaviour in the workplace by the Microsoft founder.

According to the New York Times, a history of inappropriate behaviour in the workplace on the part of Mr Gates, together with his friendship with Jeffrey Epstein, could be the causes of Melinda’s filing for divorce.

Though, the report stated that Mr Gates went after women in the office. The Times noted that Mr Gates attended a presentation by a female Microsoft employee and emailed the woman after she left the meeting, asking her out to dinner In 2006.

Also, Mr Gates reportedly asked a woman who worked for the foundation to join him for dinner on a trip to New York.

Reason For Bill Gates’ Divorce

Reports Reveal Reason For Bill Gates' Divorce
A screenshot of the tweet made by Bill Gates.

The report further disclosed that six current and former Microsoft employees corroborated the allegations that Mr Gates was known for making clumsy approaches to women in and out of the office.

Sources claimed that Melinda started meeting with divorce lawyers at least a year before announcing her divorce with Bill Gates.

You will recall that Bill and Melinda Gates recently announced that they were splitting up but would continue to work.

Meanwhile, Bill Gates had reportedly acknowledged that he had an extramarital affair with an employee, which Microsoft said led its Board to investigate the intimate relationship shortly before he resigned from the Board in 2020.

Gates’s spokeswoman, Bridgitt Arnold said there was an affair almost 20 years ago which ended amicably. 

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