Egbon and Mazi

Pidgin News (258): Danger Looms In Abuja

Danger Looms In Abuja

Egbon: E don happen, E don shele, motor don jam am o, pepper don dey prepare to rezz

Mazi: Where him dey go where motor jam am o, e look like say something don sup again, wetin dey happen

Egbon: You never hear say dem don dey close schools for Abuja, sake of say fire don dey ontop mountain

Mazi: Abeg, no allow make my heart jump up, why dem dey close schools for Abuja?

Egbon: I read am inside News paper, later o, i con hear am ontop radio say some strangers don dey enter towns wey dey Abuja borders, na him people con say e look like say the things wey dey happen for Kaduna plus other Northern state wan port enter FCT

Mazi: Hmmmm, this wan reach make person think well o, abeg, where those strangers bin dey come from, wetin be their agenda?

Danger Looms In Abuja

Egbon: See as question miss road o, i resemble DSS abi na me be Army Oga

Mazi: But na you hear the tory now, dem no talk am for where you read the thing?

Egbon: Dem no talk am, the thing wey i know na say time don reach make everybody shine their eyes o, find wey to protect your family

President Buhari Begs Bandits

Mazi: That one dey very necessary, security na everybody business, but as e be like this security people suppose tight their belt o, make the matter no enter sorry state

Egbon: No be lie o, say security na everybody business no mean say make i con use ordinary hand face person wey carry AK-47 o

Mazi: No be so i talk am, i no talk say make you use ordinary hand face AK-47, e mean say, you self fit report anything wey dey suspicious around you give police

Egbon: Mazi, no dey do like say you no dey Naija, some of this police people dey work with these criminals, the wan wey no work with dem no get better equipment to take do their job

Mazi: That mean say make we dey security conscious and hope say the thing wey Buhari talk go make the situation better

Egbon: Wetin him talk o?

Mazi: After bandits release some of the students wey dey their custody, him con beg the bandits to release the remaining Greenfield University students plus other people wey dey their custody

Egbon: Imagine, a whole retired general dey beg bandits, kai, money don miss road o, if Buhari dey beg bandits, you never see say water don pass garri like that

Davido Lambast Buhari Supporters

Mazi: The thing shock me when i hear say him dey beg o, i con take another eye look the matter (cut in….

Egbon: You no need take another eye look this matter, Buhari don fall Naija people hand, why him go dey beg bandits, wetin con be the essence of the money wey dem dey budget for ammunition

Mazi: Be calming down, sometimes ehn, matter like this need make person wey be leader take sense handle am

Egbon: Forget that one jare, no wonder why Davido talk say all the people wey dey support Buhari suppose go hell fire

Mazi: Sake of say na him hold the key to heaven and hell fire, abi say na him go judge the matter, thank God say na my opinion i dey talk and nobody fit cover my mouth say make i no talk

Adeboye Loses Son

Egbon: Talk o, nobody say make you no talk, the thing wey i dey talk na say make you dey try face reality because whether we talk true o, or talk lie, las las, na everybody go pai

Mazi: That one dey very sure, i even hear say Pastor Adeboye son Dare Adeboye pai

Egbon: Hmmm, this life ehn, if you see as the news shock me when i hear am, and the man na just 42-years old o

Yahoo Girl

Pidgin News (258): Danger Looms In Abuja
Suspected internet fraudster.

Mazi: Kai, may his soul rest in peace o, all this running up and down, everthing na vanity, but some people no dey remember that one, see this lady now, EFCC don arrest am

Egbon: Wetin she do?

Mazi: Dem say she dey do 419, na Makurdi for benue state dem arrest her after she post picture ontop facebook, EFCC con suspect say she dey do wire wire, na so dem trace am go put handcuff for her hand

Egbon: E make sense like that, make she fit teach other people wey dey find quick money better lesson, i don waka jare

Mazi: Oyaa now

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