Egbon and Mazi

Pidgin News (251): Sheik Gumi Don Confess

Sheik Gumi

Mazi: The way wey Kidnappers dey collobi people these days get as e be o, i just dey read different different tory ontop how dem dey collobi people

Egbon: Hmmm, the thing tire me o, e never even reach one week wey we hear say dem Pai three students wey dem collobi for Green Field University for Kaduna, dem don pai another 2, con carry some students for Benue

Mazi: Na wa oh, i bin think say federal government get better plan ontop how dem wan tackle all these wahala wey dey ground o

Egbon: Which kind better plan, dem no get plan wey pass say make dem borrow money and make some people chop am

Mazi: Ahhhh, everywhere kidnapping plus killings, the matter get as e be sha

Egbon: Shebi if i talk, e dey look like say i no like Buhari government, i no kuku get any hatred for the government except say make dem do wetin go make the country plus Naija people safe

Mazi: Na Baba God we go beg make e help us for this country o

Sheik Gumi

Pidgin News (251): Sheik Gumi Don Confess
Islamic scholar, Sheik Gumi.

Egbon: No be everytime we go dey expect say make Baba God do the thing wey government suppose do for us, you no hear the thing wey Sheik Gumi talk?

Mazi: Him don talk again, e reach three days wey i don hear him talk las o

Egbon: Him talk something wey make me dey suspect am more

Mazi: Wetin him talk?

Egbon: Him talk say Naija people go regret if dem commot Isa Pantami as Minister

Mazi: Ahhh, that wan get as e sound for ear o, why Naija people go regret, if dem torchlight the matter and see say true true dem suppose commot Pantami, make dem commot am now

Egbon: You self see the reason why I dey suspect that Sheik Gumi, the thing look like say all of dem dey act the drama wey dem don already write the script, infact self, e look like say some people for inside the Naija military dey play game with people life

Nigerian Air Force In Mud

Mazi: Play game, i no dey understand you these days o, na so you talk say Buhari government dey play kite the other day, which game you dey talk about now?

Egbon: You hear say Nigerian Air Force kill over 30 soldiers for Borno, shey e suppose be like that?

Mazi: Hmmm, the news shock me when i hear am o, i con later hear say the Nigerian Air Force talk say na mistake

Egbon: Imagine, mistake, so dem no sabi say na soldiers dey the place where dem bomb those people

Nigerians Blast Tunde Bakare, Mbaka

Mazi: Hmmm, true true, mistake fit happen, but that kind mistake get as e be o, so those soldiers just pai like that

Egbon: You remember say i don talk am before say e look like say the soldiers wey dey fight Boko Haram dey waste their time plus efforts

Mazi: I remember, but i no gree, because dem dey kill those Boko Haram people too, the only thing na say, plenty soldiers don pai ontop this Boko Haram something

Egbon: And you never see sign say some big big Politicians get hand inside the matter

Mazi: Me i no see signs o, the only thing wey i dey see now na how Naija people dey blast Pastor Tunde Bakare plus Reverend Mbaka

Egbon: At least you see something, why dem dey blast the two pastors?

Mazi: Naija people talk say the two of dem bin don see vision say na Buhari go be Messaiah for Naija, say las las, Buhari no Messiah anything, say dem Prophecies no follow

Egbon: Hiss, you see ehn, most of these man of God, na sentiment plus calculation of how matter dey play dem dey take talk Prophecy jor

Man Bags 20 Years Jail Term

Pidgin News (251): Sheik Gumi Don Confess 1
Suspected arsonist.

Mazi: But that wan no mean say Ogbonge man of God no dey sha

Egbon: Na why i talk say most of dem no be all of dem, con check this tory o, dem say court don say make this man go prison for 20 years

Mazi: Shuu, wetin him do?

Egbon: The thing funny one side and e no funny the other side, dem say the man go burn the house plus the car of one woman wey him bin toast, sake of say that one no gree marry him

Mazi: Ahhh, love na by force? if she no marry him, why him no find another woman, woman plenty wey him fit talk to now, abeg, make i go face my business jare, na him business be that, make him face am well

Egbon: Abi o, no be the same thing dey worry everybody, we go see now

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