Egbon and Mazi

Pidgin News (248): Buhari Government Dey Play Kite

Buhari Government

Egbon: Justice, Justice, I mean Justice na the only hope of common man, but for my dear country, common man no get hope o

Mazi: Honourable Justice Egbon, wetin make you dey shout Justice Justice like this, him owe you money?

Egbon: Justice no owe me money, but some people dey hold him neck, dem no dey allow make him breath

Mazi: Ahh, no be Justice bin him name now, na George, no be George Floyd you dey try talk

Egbon: So, i no know the difference between Justice and George again, you self see as court for America judge the case of that ekelebe wey kill George Floyd, if to say na Naija, na 20 years dem go dey take torchlight the matter

Mazi: Hmmm, to cut long tory short, you dey try talk say Justice no dey for Naija bah?

Egbon: You self check am, make you fit answer the question yourself now, Justice dey?

Ada Jesus Dies

Mazi: One day we go get there, na wa oh, so las las, this girl don pai, i pity her o

Egbon: Na who be the girl wey pai?

Mazi: This girl wey dey do comedy, Ada Jesus wey get Kidney problem

Egbon: Ohhh, she don pai, chai, i bin think say she don dey get better that time wey she go beg Odumeje o

Mazi: Naso me self bin dey think o, this life sha, nothing dey inside

Egbon: Life na vanity o, las las, na make we get better character pay pass

Buhari Government

Mazi: Yes o, wait o, i hear say Buhari government wan borrow another loan

Egbon: Hmmm, e don clear say this Buhari government dey kill Nigeria, how much dem wan borrow again?

Mazi: I hear say Senate don approve say make the Buhari government go collect $1.5 billion plus €995 million loans

Egbon: Ahhhhhh, eh eh, ontop the plenty plenty loan wey dey ground and no be say Naija people dey live better life o

Mazi: Make i no lie you, this wan full mouth o, i no sure say we go fit pay all these loan wey dey ground like this o

Egbon: How dem wan pay am, no be as dem dey collect am, dem dey collobi the money, and if dem say make dem con explain, dem go dey faint

Mazi: No be say anything bad inside say make dem collect loan, but, dem suppose take am better people life

Egbon: Abi now, na only loan we dey hear, people no see better life 

Pantami Attends FEC Meeting

Mazi: I hear say Isa Pantami go the Federal Executive Council meeting wey dem do on Wednesday

Egbon: Laugh, that wan na one of the signs say this Buhari government dey play kite

Mazi: How now, why you talk say dem dey play kite

Egbon: If na serious government, that Isa Pantami suppose don resign or make government sack am

Mazi: But dem no fit sack am like that now, remember say na allegation, dem never talk say him dey guilty

Egbon: But government no show say dem dey serious, dem no even talk say dem wan torchlight the matter

Lady Sets Boyfriend’s House on Fire

Pidgin News (248): Buhari Government Dey Play Kite 1
Lady sets boyfriend’s house on fire.

Mazi: Make we wait dey watch how dem go do am, (clap), wonder no go end for this life o

Egbon: Where you see wonder?

Mazi: No be this tory wey talk say one lady go burn him boyfriend house for Makurdi Benue state dey wonder me

Egbon: Ontop wetin now, some people no sabi control their anger sha

Mazi: Na ontop misunderstanding o, dem don arrest her like this, make i dey move

Egbon: Ok now

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