Egbon and Mazi

Pidgin News (236): Double Wahala For Nnamdi Kanu

Nnamdi Kanu

Egbon: Hmmm, Mazi don enter gbege o, wahala don tie rapper like this o

Mazi: I hope say no be my own Mazi you dey talk cuz i know dey chop anything wey pass banana o (cut in…

Egbon: I kukuma know say you na gentleman to the core, na Mazi Nnamdi Kanu i dey talk, no be your own Mazi

Mazi: E better like that, but wait o, wetin Nnamdi Kanu do again wey make you talk say him don enter Wahala

Egbon: You remember say Newspaper carry one tory wey talk say some gunmen go break jail for Imo State, where dem free some prisoners?

Mazi: My brother, i shock when i see that tory o, the thing full mouth remain, i hear say naa over 2,000 prisoners run commot for that prison

Egbon: Na that prison break gangan put Nnamdi kanu for wahala like this o

Mazi: How now, Nnamdi Kanu follow dem go break the jail or na how the matter concern person wey no dey Nigeria?

Nnamdi Kanu

Egbon: Hmm, na the Oga for ekelebe dem, Adamu talk say na IPOB members go break the jail and no how dem wan mention IPOB wey dem no go mention Nnamdi Kanu

Mazi: But na still allegation, dem never confirm say na members do the thing

Egbon: The Oga for ekelebe talk say na IPOB members plus those people wey dey Eastern Security Network do the thing

Pidgin News (236): Double Wahala For Nnamdi Kanu

FG Tackles Bishop Kukah

Mazi: My own na say him no fit conclude like that, dem suppose torchlight the matter well, make e no go cause another Kasala

Egbon: All the thing wey dey happen for this country no just sweet for ears at all, different tribes just dey talk say dem wan commot this country say the thing don tire dem

Mazi: No be say e too bad to talk that kind thing, but, na ontop round table dem suppose talk am, no be by to dey cause kasala up and down

Egbon: E get some matter wey no go settle ontop round table o (cut in…

Mazi: So you dey try talk say make everybody carry cutlass, carry gun dey cause kasala sake of say dem wan collect freedom?

Egbon: No be so i talk, but e look like say Buhari government no wan allow make people talk wetin dey their mind

Mazi: I hope say no be the thing wey federal government talk ontop Bishop Kukah dey make you talk this thing like this

Egbon: I never even hear wetin government talk ontop Bishop Kukah, wetin him do dem again

Mazi: Con check am now, Garba Shehu talk say Kukah no talk like man of God wey wan make Naija better, say him no talk true

Egbon: Everybody sabi the truth wey dey ground, no be only Bishop Kukah dey talk say things no be as e suppose be for this country

Reno Attempts To Disgrace Buhari

Mazi: As the matter dey like this, na make everybody dey pray for the country o, i even see one tory wey talk say Reno Omokri wan disgrace Buhari for London

Egbon: Hmm, imagine, Naija disgrace no be local again, e don turn International disgrace, imagine how those Oyinbo go dey look us

Mazi: But Reno no suppose arrange protest to say make dem Harrass Buhari commot for London sake of say him go collect treatment

Egbon: But Buhari suppose commot Naija when him hear say Doctors wan strike bah?

Mazi: No be that one i talk o, i dey try talk say the thing wey Reno do go cause disgrace for Naija

Egbon: Before nko, our politicians never disgrace us before

Man Rapes Daughter For 5 Years, Give Reason

Mazi: But, why shame no dey catch some men self, dem go just dey carry disgrace gum body up and down

Egbon: Na now you self gree say Buhari disgrace Naija truer true (cut in…

Mazi: Abeg abeg, i don commot mouth for Buhari matter o, na this man wey go rape him 12 year old daughter i dey talk

Egbon: Hmm, this rape matter tire me o, we just dey hear different different rape tory everyday, how father go rape him o pikin

Pidgin News (236): Double Wahala For Nnamdi Kanu
Suspected rapist.

Mazi: Shey him even suppose rape another man pikin self, the tory talk say na since 5 years ago him don dey rape the girl

Egbon: And if dem ask him why him do that kind thing, him, fit talk say na devil like that

Mazi: Him no even talk say na devil o, the 47 year old man talk say him do the thing because him wife don dey look old for him eye

Egbon: Nonsense plus ingredient, dem suppose cut him manhood commot, imagine the thing wey him dey talk, i wan dey move jare

Mazi: Ok, we go see now, no forget to dey pray for Naija o

Egbon: Pele o prayer warrior

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