Egbon and Mazi

Pidgin News (235): APC Leader, Tinubu Looseguard

Tinubu Looseguard

Mazi: I no know whether na me dey reason am like that o, or na true say NCDC no dey announce the number of COVID-19 cases again

Egbon: Mr current Affairs, na you no dey do follow up o, NCDC still dey announce the number every day, the only thing be say, e look like say the thing no plenty like before before

Mazi: Ehn ehn, i bin dey think say dem no dey record the number again since we don get COVID-19 vaccine for Naija

Egbon: Dem dey record am o, even the last wan wey i check, dem talk say na 121 cases Naija get

Mazi: Tor, e show say make we no loose guard be that, con see the thing wey Fani Kayode talk after him go collect COVID-19 vaccine for Abuja

Egbon: That man too talk abeg, na everytime him dey get something to talk, and everything na scope, no be him talk say make people no collect the COVID-19 vaccine that time

Mazi: I no know say you self never forget o, when him talk say, Bill Gates plus WHO bin dey plan to take style use the vaccine kill people for Africa

Egbon: I remember the thing well well, but na wetin him dey talk now

Mazi: Him don go collect the vaccine, con dey talk say the vaccine wey dey Naija no dey kill, say no be the kind wan wey him dey talk that time

Egbon: Na over talk dey worry that man, him go just dey talk talk with all him mouth, las las, na political strategy

Tinubu Looseguard

Mazi: No mind am, him dey try disguise sake of 2023 elections

Egbon: We go siddon dey wait dem, all these politicians bin dey think say Naija people never wise

Mazi: Na only myself i fit speak for, na each person go decide whether him don wise or still wan collect chicken change, but na election time we go sabi that one sha

Egbon: No be lie, but, shey you don see as Tinubu Looseguard for public

Mazi: Tinubu looseguard kwa, where, how and when him take looseguard?

Egbon: Na ontop the thing wey him talk when him dey do him 69th birthday o, where him talk say make Naija Military recruit 500 million youths, make the country fit win Boko Haram

Mazi: Hmmm, na wetin him con talk again now, i hope say him never talk say the number small because i no understand how him go talk say make dem recruit 500 million youths for military

Apc Leader, Tinubu Looseguard
APC Leader, Tinubu Looseguard

Egbon: Him no kuku talk say the number small, him talk say na 50,000 him wan talk say no be 500 million

Mazi: You see, all these grandpa wey wan rule Naija by force self (cut in…

Egbon: Even when we still dey pray say make God save us from the condition wey dey ground like this, i no fit imagine say all these old people go still wan dey position o

Boko Haram Sponsors

Mazi: Baba God go kuku help man pikin for this country, i even read one tory where Garba Shehu dey talk say security people don dey torchlight the matter of the people wey dey sponsor Boko Haram plus bandits

Egbon: The Presidency never dey serious, na so so talk talk dem go dey talk up and down, so na who dey sponsor Boko Haram now

Mazi: According to Shehu, him say the sponsors dey work with all these Bureu the Change people dey wire money for Boko Haram members plus bandits

Egbon: Make dem gather dey take people life play game like that, instaed make dem do wetin dem suppose do, na so so talk

Mazi: Him say security people dey ontop the matter, con add say e go shock many people if dem hear those wey dey sponsor Boko Haram for Naija

Egbon: Na themselves dem go shock, dem no fit shock me sake of say nothing fit shock me ontop Naija matter again

Uniform For Married Men

Mazi: Make we leave that shock or no shock matter fast, con hear the thing wey one lady dey talk ontop men wey don marry o

Egbon: Her talk no fit pass cheating matter like that

Mazi: Like say you don read the gist before o, she talk say men wey don get wife suppose dey wear uniform

Egbon: Laugh, she no talk say make dem add socks plus cap join to make the uniform complete

Mazi: My brother, no be laugh matter o, she dey serious, talk say e look like say ring wey married men dey wear no dey say make dem no 2face again

Egbon: So, na uniform go stop am, that one no enter abeg, we mueve, we go talk later

Mazi: She don talk her own commot mouth, take care

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