Fani Kayode Retracts Comment On COVID-19 Vaccines

A former Minister of Aviation, Femi Fani Kayode, has retracted the comment he made about the COVID-19 vaccines.

In a tweet after taking the vaccine, Fani Kayode noted that the COVID-19 vaccines in Nigeria are not Bill Gates’ vaccines, and neither are Nigerians being used as Guinea pigs.

According to him, the vaccines in Nigeria are tried and tested. He added that the vaccines have already been approved and administered successfully throughout the world.

The former Minister opined that there is a world of difference between the vaccines in Nigeria and the experimental vaccines that the World Health Organization, WHO, had wanted to try in Africa.

Fani Kayode

He further explained that Bill Gates and his foundation have no connection with Oxford Azrazeneca. However, the former Minister vowed not to touch anything that Bill has to do with Gates and his foundation.

Fani Kayode Retracts Statement On Covid-19 Vaccines

You will recall that Fani Kayode had earlier raised an alarm that the WHO planned to turn Africans into Guinea pigs by testing the vaccines on them, adding that the Nigerian government wanted to mandate the COVID-19 vaccines.

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