Egbon and Mazi

Pidgin News (233): Tinubu Dey Use Football Age?

Bola Tinubu

Mazi: You see for this life ehn, e no possible to please everybody, people go always talk

Egbon: No be lie, wetin dem talk again?

Mazi: No be this tory wey i dey read say some people bin dey bad mouth Governor Wike, sake of say him give Burna Boy money

Egbon: Wetin Burna Boy do am wey him give am money, him do contract for Rivers state?

Mazi: You bin wan tell me say you never hear say Burna Boy bin travel go Port Harcourt to celebrate the Grammy Award wey him win

Egbon: Ok, that one no be bad thing, at least him don make Naija proud, we suppose celebrate am

Mazi: Na the same the same eye me self take look am o, i no just understand why people dey bad mouth the thing wey Governor Wike do

Egbon: Wetin him do gangan, talk am make i check whether him do wetin follow

Mazi: The Governor talk say him go give Burna Boy 10 million, say him go con give all the artistes wey sing for that event 10, 10 million naira, na why people dey bad mouth him be that o

Egbon: Hmmm, and you bin think say e no reach make people talk, how him go give dem that kind money, so, him no fit take that money help people for the state

Mazi: As for me o, him no do bad thing, at least that one go encourage the people wey dey entertainment industry for the state (cut in..

Egbon: Forget that thing jare, which kind talk you dey talk like this, no be the same Governor Wike wey i hear say him dey owe workers salaries for that state

Mazi: I don tell you say make you no dey rely on this dem say dem say something, dey try get your facts plus figures

Egbon: No be only figures na Alphabet, my own be say e get plenty things wey that kind money fit do for the people wey dey that state, me no dey support Nonsense

Mazi: Na who con dey support Nonsense o?

Egbon: Anybody wey talk say the thing wey Wike do na better something, na dem dey support Nonsense

Mazi: Waka straight make i see where you dey go

Femi Adesina talks Again

Egbon: I don talk my own commot mouth, con check the thing wey Femi Adesina talk again

Mazi: This Adesina self no even dey send anybody, him just dey talk dey go

Egbon: Before nko, when him no dey feel the kind heat wey ordeinary man dey feel, him talk say Buhari government no promise say him go make Naira dey the same class with Dollar

Pidgin News (233): Tinubu Dey Use Football Age?
Bola Tinubu clocks 69

Mazi: Laugh…, you see ehn, him matter no even dey shock me again, that man too dey yan Akpata, the dust wey dey commot for him mouth no be small

Egbon: Azin, him even add say Naija people suppose dey rejoice say the things wey dey happen for the country no mean say make dem no see say the country still dey move forward

Bola Tinubu Dey Use Football Age?

Mazi: Forward true true, i no even know say na today be Bola Tinubu birthday o, dem say him don clock 69 years

Egbon: Laugh, no be only footballer dey use football age o, Bola Tinubu self no wan carry las

Mazi: Why you talk say Bola Tinubu dey use football age, you dey try talk say him age no correct?

Egbon: No be my mouth you take hear that one o, i just dey talk football age

Mazi: Talk straight, nobody go carry you put for prison

Egbon: The thing wey i know na say Tinubu self no fit swear with ogun say him real age na 69 years, when i hear say one of him pikin na 60 years

Mazi: 60 years kwa, na now i dey try understand wetin you mean when you talk Football age o

Woman Marries Corpse

Pidgin News (233): Tinubu Dey Use Football Age? 1

Egbon: No be me kuku talk say him dey use football age, make we take eye dey look how him matter go be as i hear say him wan become Presido

Mazi: Me self hear say him wan contest 2023 elections too o, that 2023 election go sweet well well

Egbon: Yes o, na from 2022 we go don dey see permutations, wait o, con check this tory, dem say one woman marry man wey don Pai

Mazi: I no understand o, she marry person wey don die, how that one take possible

Egbon: i hear say na Kenya the thing take happen, say dem do the ceremony like real wedding, con check am now, she even wear wedding gown

Mazi: Tor, e don be, nothing wey person no go see or hear again for this world o, this wan weak me, abeg, make i con dey go

Egbon: No be only you the thing weak o, e weak me self, we go talk later now

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