Egbon and Mazi

Pidgin News (231): Money Na Serious Matter

Mazi: Ego, Owo, Kudi, Naira, hmmm, money get power sha!

Egbon: Joor o, na wetin money do you?

Mazi: E no do me anything o! Na that quote from the Holy book wey talk say “money answers all things” and “the love of money is the root of all evil” I dey try to compare and contrast

Egbon: Mazi the comparer and contraster, so na wetin you con notice

Mazi: True true, the thing answers all things. Anybody wey no get money for this world na another matter o!

Egbon: I agree say e dey answer all things and I know say you and money na five and six but Mazi no forget say money is the root of all evil (cut in…)

Mazi: Immitation prophet, I beg no preach that kind sermon for me o! Money is not the root of all evil, na the love be the root of all evil

Egbon: So na wetin come be the difference inside?

Mazi: Na love be the difference inside the matter

Egbon: Mazi, no dey act indifferent, you know wetin I dey talk about

Mazi: Me I no know wetin you dey talk about o because me I don check am well before I come out with my answer o

Love of Money

Egbon: But Mazi you check am yourself! You no see how some people dey do bad bad things wey no follow because of money?

Mazi: Naa because some people dey greedy and no dey content with wetin them get?

Egbon: I no talk say na money fault (cut in…)

Mazi: So na wetin you come dey talk about?

Egbon: I dey try to show you wetin money dey cause

Mazi: Bia le anya Egbon, no be money be the problem o! Na the love of money dey cause kasala! Na people wey too love money dey do and undo, no be money itself! You self look am now, if money no dey na wetin man won do?

Egbon: Mazi, I don dey suspect you! E be like say you dey use style dey support people wey dey do and undo because of money

Mazi: I beg read my statement well before you carry me waka o! I no support anybody wey him way no pure and anybody wey dey do bad bad things for the sake of money get their reward. If Chineke Jesus no purnish them on earth, him go purnish them for hell

Egbon: Na now you talk am well

Mazi: I dey talk am well since o, na you no understand (cut in…)

Money Lines

Egbon: I don hear you! Truly sha, money answers all things and we suppose dey follow news wey go dey boost our finances, so that we wey like to make money genuinely, go fit get am take better our lives and make the world a better place

Mazi: Gbam! As you see me so, that’s why I no dey miss money lines with Nancy by 11’0 clock on AIT and other news channel wey dey talk about money

Egbon: Eh en, speaking about money lines, that Nancy lady dey try o! She suppose don win award!

Mazi: Seriously o! If she never win award, as we don mention her name, them suppose give her award because the lady dey very intelligent like Ngozi Okonjo Iweala

Egbon: No be lie you talk! Make I ask you, since you say you no dey miss money lines with Nancy, you don hear about the latest on MPC?

Mazi: No be about the CBN March 2021 MPC meeting wey conclude on Tuesday, wey the committee vote to retain MPR at 11.5%?

Egbon: Gbam! Na him, Mazi you dey current o! Na now I believe say you dey truly watch the show!

Mazi: Na today? You suppose to don know me by now say I no dey talk wetin I no fit do

Egbon: So wetin be some of the things wey happen for the MPC meeting?

Mazi: According to one of the headlines wey I see, them talk say: CBN monetary policy committee leaves all all parameters unchanged retaining MPR at 11.5%, liquidity ratio at 30% and CRR at 27.5%. Them even talk say rising inflation rate na due to higher food prices. Them come speak one English say: Core inflation driven by hike in petrol prices, electricity tariffs and naira depreciation plus some other lines wey them mention wey I no capture.

Pidgin News (231): Money Na Serious Matter

Egbon: Mazi, we really need a turnaround for this country so that our economy go kajad (cut in…)

Mazi: Exactly! I even see one headline wey say: CBN blames herdsmen and bandits for galloping inflation rates

Egbon: You see Mazi, e don reach wey God go dey punish all the people wey no want make naija better

Mazi: Na Serious punishment o! The CBN Governor even say their policies no dey anti-youth! Na make the thing be true for reality so that our finances go robust

Egbon: Abi, make I come dey go, we go see later

Mazi: It’s alright

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