Egbon and Mazi

Pidgin News (230): Naira Cause Kasala

Naira Cause Kasala

Egbon: Baba God, abeg no allow make the plan wey these people get for mind come to pass o, abeg, na beg i dey beg

Mazi: Laugh, this wan wey you dey pray like this, na who be the people wey get plan plus say why you no wan make their plan come to pass self

Egbon: My brother, e reach make i fast and even pray ontop the matter self

Mazi: But you never tell me the people wey you dey talk about o

Egbon: No be this APC people, the Chairman for their caretaker committee talk say dem wan rule Nigeria for 32 years

Mazi: Shuu, dem no wan commot for power?

Egbon: You self wonder, shebi if to say people even dey Gbadun their ruling e for make sense, you no see as everything just look wan kind

Mazi: One thing wey me beleive na say las las na Naija people go take their vote decide the kind party or candidate dem want

Egbon: I sha dey hope say Naija people no go allow make all these politicians con carry dem join body again sake of one modul of Rice or Garri

Mazi: Na another thing be that o, because if voters no collect bribe, wrong candidate no go enter post

Egbon: I no fit blame dem o sake of say suffer head too plenty for this country and na why those politicians dey take small small food deceive people be that

Mazi: At least, the people suppose change the game for once, i even see something ontop Twitter o

Naira Cause Wahala

Egbon: Oya gist me make me self fit dey inside the film o

Mazi: People bin dey talk say Naira dey very useless, say the currency no dey relevant if dem put am beside currency like Dollars, Pounds and other ones

Egbon: But no be lie now, e dey useless true true, imagine how much one dollar be to Naira

Mazi: Make i finish the gist ontop this Naira first (cut in…

Egbon: No vex, na as the thing dey do me for body no make me allow you finish the gist

Mazi: Ok, na as dem dey argue say Naira dey useless, naso one of the people wey dey popular ontop Twitter con talk say people no suppose talk like that

Egbon: Ehn ehn, so na how dem suppose talk am

Mazi: Him talk say na only weak the Naira weak say e no dey useless, con add say something wey dey useless na something wey people no fit use at all

Egbon: Some people dey funny sha, wetin con be the difference between wetin dey happen to Naira and say the thing no dey useful

Mazi: But na our currency now, we no get another one

Court Orders Extension Of NIN Registration

Egbon: That wan no mean say make we no fit talk true jare, i even hear say dem don postpone this NIN something

Mazi: Na so me self read am for inside news o, dem talk say na court carry order put ontop the matter

Egbon: E make sense like that o, make people no go dey do gum body con from dey carry COVID-19 go house

Mazi: Dem just dey postpone the thing, i hope say las las the registration no go dey useless like this

Egbon: Even if e wan dey useless, e no go dey useless totally, dem go take am sabi the number of people wey get number

Mazi: I even hear say e dey part of the things wey people wey wan write 2021 UTME go need to take registar for JAMB

Jealous House Wife Kills Rival

Pidgin News (230): Naira Cause Wahala

Egbon: You see, that mean say the thing dey useful be that, Chai, some people dey wicked for this life o

Mazi: Dem don run you street?

Egbon: You suppose know say nobody fit run me street, sake of say me say dey street, na the thing wey happen to this woman make me talk say people wicked 

Mazi: Wetin happen to her?

Egbon: Dem talk say na her rival lock her for inside room con burn her for inside the room for Niger State and i even hear say e never tey wey their husband marry the woman o

Mazi: Ehn ehn, true true people get bad mind o, na Jealousy go cause that kind thing like this, she go learn if dem put her for prison

Egbon: Yes o, make she go there go chop beans wey get water that one na if dem no kill herself

Mazi: Na wa o, make i con dey go 

Egbon: Oya now

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