Egbon and Mazi

Pidgin News (209): Minister Of Self Defence

Minister Of Self Defence

Egbon: I bin dey think say we still dey plan to enter one chance o, na now i con confirm say we don enter am already

Mazi: You don start to dey take parable talk like this, when you no be Jesus, abeg, na you and who enter one chance

Egbon: Mazi, na all of us together, you never hear say our Minister of Self Defence talk say make everybody bear him papa name?

Mazi: Before nko, na another person papa name you wan bear, bear your papa name make i bear my papa name now

Egbon: You bin dey think say this matter wey dey ground na joke, the Minister talk say make Naija people defend themselves

Mazi: Ehn ehn, so him too don dey try talk say make everybody dey their dey be that o

Minister Of Self Defence

Egbon: Hmmm, shey you don see the thing wey i dey talk wey you think say na Joke, him talk say Naija people no suppose run if bandits con attack dem

Mazi: E wo ooo, bandits wey carry RPG, make me wey carry cutlass go face am, kai, e don red o

Egbon: Na Minister of Self Defence we get, to con add salt put ontop our injury, Buhari no gree talk

Minister Of Self Defence
Minister of Defence, Bashir Magashi.

Sowore Calls For Fresh Protest

Mazi: This country na wa oh, i even hear say dem don release the name of the people wey dem kidnap for Kagara, Niger state

Egbon: Na as you hear that one, i con hear say Gunmen go attack some people for the same Niger State o, no wonder why Sowore talk say make Naija people gather do protest

Mazi: Protest kwa, my hand no dey o, small time now, we go hear say dem kill people wey dey protest

Egbon: To protest no suppose be crime if no be say this government no like make people talk the thing wey dey their mind, the thing tire me jare, no better News

Nigeria Exits Recession

Mazi: No allow am tire you, i get one better news here

Egbon: Talk am make i hear

Mazi: I hear say Nigeria don commot for inside recession, at least that one na one better news

Egbon: Hiss, like say Naija people enjoy better life when recession no dey, any difference day if no be so so add add money everywhere

Mazi: At least we suppose try hope say life go better as we commot inside recession

Egbon: Abeg, if dem dey deceive me, i no fit still dey deceive myself, na today we don dey hope, na so so hope hope everyday, e go better e go better, na which ay e wan better?

Apostle Suleman Buys 3rd Jet

Mazi: Very soon everywhere go good, i even hear say Apostle Suleman talk something o

Egbon: Him don talk the time wey everywhere go good?

Mazi: No be that one, him talk say him buy him 3rd Jet for inside COVID-19 period, say e no even do am like say make the virus finish

Egbon: Hmmm, you see now, selfish people just full everywhere, him dey buy 3rd Jet when some church member no see food chop

Mazi: Leave the matter make God judge am

Egbon: No be say i dey judge, but if we see something, we suppose fit say something, see leave that matter jare

NAFDAC Approves COVID-19 Vaccine

Mazi: Me self no too like to dey chuk mouth put for anything wey concern Man of God o

Egbon: Na you sabi that one, no be say i dey curse am, na wetin dey my mind i take my mouth talk, dem say NAFDAC don approve COVID-19 vaccine

Mazi: That one na another better news o, but that one no con mean say make we no do the thing wey we suppose do again

Egbon: Yes o, i still dey wear my face mask, wash my hand and i no dey take social ditancing joke

Mazi: Yes o, we go see later now, make i dey go my shop

Egbon: Ok now

President Muhammadu Buhari

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