Egbon and Mazi

Pidgin News (166): Buhari And Him Dear Cows

Buhari And Him Dear Cows

Egbon: If i talk my mind, some people go talk say i too complain, but sha o, i no go cover my mouth when i see something wey no follow, i must to talk am

Mazi: Talk, my brother talk your own make Naija better, nobody dey try cover your mouth, but try to dey talk straight, no dey do corner corner

Egbon: Before nko, i go talk, shey you don hear say Buhari like him cows pass Naija people?

Mazi: Which kind talk be this now, i no understand wetin you dey talk o, because i no know why you go talk say Bubu like cow pass the people wey vote am as Presido

Egbon: You suppose ask me say make i explain

Mazi: Abeg explain make i hear you o, i really get interest ontop the matter

Egbon: Fine, shey you know say Bubu never go visit that school where dem kidnap over 300 students for katsina even though him dey katsina ( cut in…

Mazi: You don talk that one before and i don tell you say Bubu don send delegates go the area where the thing happen

Buhari And Him Dear Cows

Egbon: Shey you don hear say this same Buhari wey no fit go visit the place where dem kidnap students don go check him Cow?

Mazi: Cow kwa, i no believe that one o, shey him cow matter pass the lives of the students wey dem kidnap abi you just wan dey carry rumour?

Egbon: You see, the thing self shock you and you no fit defend am sake of say e no show say the Presido act like say him no dey bother 

Mazi: If naa true true, the thing no suppose be o

Egbon: You see, Bubu and him dear Cow nothing fit separate dem, dem be like 5 and 6

Boko Haram Claims Responsibility For Katsina Abduction

Mazi: This matter tie wrapper o, i even read am for inside News say Boko Haram talk say naa dem Kidnap those students for Katsina

Egbon: Imagine, and small time now, Lai go talk say dem don technically defeat Boko Haram people, naa wetin him go talk ontop this one now

Mazi: You dey ask me?

Egbon: If you get the answer, bring am make i see

Mazi: How i wan get the answer to this kind question now, naa me be Lai Mohammed

Egbon: Since, e be say naa you be the Chairman against complains

Buhari Not In Charge_ Soyinka

Mazi: Abeg abeg, no talk something wey no follow o, i no be government talk talk person, naa my opinion i dey talk

Egbon: I hear you, shey you don hear the thing wey Wole Soyinka talk ontop Bubu matter

Mazi: I never hear that one o, wetin him talk

Egbon: Him talk say Bubu no dey in charge of the government for the country, say, if to say him dey in charge, him suppose don do something ontop this security wey no stand well

Mazi: Tor, this security matter no be joke true true o, even these days naa so so bad tory full inside the papers, i just hope say the federal plus the state governemnts go fit do something quick quick o

Egbon: Naa to dey keep hope alive o, even Sultan of Sokoto talk say naa all over Nigeria security get K-leg, but as you talk, make we dey hopeful, i wan dey move

Mazi: God go help us o, becaue as e be now, e look like say, water don dey pass government Garri o, no wahala sha, take care.

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