Egbon and Mazi

Pidgin News (160): EndSARS Protests Part 2

EndSARS Protests

Mazi: Oh God, which kind thing be this now, these EndSARS people don start their wahala again, if dem no get work, shey dem still suppose disturb others wey get work wey dem suppose do?

Egbon: See how you just talk like say you no see the things wey dey happen for the country, you like as things dey go

Mazi: I don talk am before say i no talk say government dey perfect but you suppose know say to cut head commot no be the solution to Headache o

Egbon: Nobody talk say make anybody cut head commot sake of say him get headache

Mazi: This wan wey these EndSARS people dey do now, wetin we go call am, shey no be say dem wan add salt for inside injury

Egbon: How e take be say dem wan add pepper for inside injury, shey government don do the things wey dem suppose do, why dem no go do protest again

Mazi: Try reason my point ontop this matter, you know how many government property dem spoil when dem first do the EndSARS protests, you know how many people die

Egbon: My brother, no be say i no dey reason wetin you dey talk, but e be like say this government no wan do the thing wey dem suppose do

Mazi: But, the youths fit arrange themself well, make dem get leader or people wey go represent dem if government talk say dem wan do meeting ontop EndSARS protests

EndSARS Protests

Egbon: I agree say dem suppose arrange themselves true true, at the same time, if federal government dey serious, dem suppose don start to dey do something ontop the thing wey dey happen for the country

House Of Reps Rejects Calls For Buhari’s Impeachment

Mazi: Naa wetin we suppose talk be that, no be say make we dey support the thing wey fit result to another Kasala

Egbon: Tor, i no support say make anybody cause kasala, my own naa say make government show say dem serious

Mazi: Ok, abeg make we commot that matter jare, wetin be this News wey i dey see ontop impeachment?

Egbon: Hmmm, naa one lawmaker, Kingsley Chinda talk say make dem impeach Bubu say him no dey try

Mazi: Wetin the other lawmakers con talk when him talk the thing?

Egbon: Dem say naa him pocket that talk go stay, say him no fit talk for everybody wey dey the House

Mazi: But wait self, if dem con commot Bubu, wetin be the assurance say the person wey go take over go do well

Egbon: People too plenty for this country wey fit turn things around, but, i too sure say the lawmakers no go fit commot Bubu

Mazi: Make we kuku leave am, make him finish the thing wey him don start now and for our corner, make we do wetin we suppose do

Egbon: Hmmm, Omo, but 2023 still far o, no be bread and butter

Mazi: But as the matter be now, we no get option

Egbon: Ok o, my own be say make Bubu and him people do wetin go make life better for everybody, we go talk later

Mazi: Ok, no wahala

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