Egbon and Mazi

Pidgin News (155): Is Nigeria On Autopilot?

Egbon: Walahi Talai, if for say i sabi the person wey dey drive the vehicle of Nigeria, i for just tell am say i no dey go again, say i wan come down from inside the vehicle

Mazi: Egbon, i hope say you sabi wetin you dey talk like this, wetin you dey talk now naa say Nigeria motor no get driver

Egbon: Naa you sabi wetin you understand ontop the thing wey i talk o and naa me understand the thing wey i dey talk

Mazi: Why you dey talk like say you dey fear, naa simple question i ask you and i go ask again, shey you dey try talk say Naija motor no get driver

Egbon: See, if naa wetin you wan hear be that, naso the matter be and no be me talk am, naa PDP talk say naa autopilot naija dey 

Mazi: You and PDP no be the same thing, PDP naa party, you naa somebody and no be party i dey ask question, naa you i ask

Egbon: Abeg no disturb my life, you self check the different things wey dey happen for the country now, you no hear say dem pain farmers for Borno?

Mazi: I hear am o, Kai, the news pain me no be small, i even hear say naa 43 Rice farmers dem Pain for the state, this wan naa serious matter o

Egbon: You see, 43 lives just like that, Aljazeera even talk say naa over 100 people the Criminals kill

Mazi: Chineke o, kai, but i hear that time say Naija don technically win the fight wey dem dey fight Boko Haram people, the fight never finish so?

Egbon: Naa Lai Mohammed plus Buratai go fit answer that question wey you ask now o, i even hear news wey talk say Garba Shehu talk say the farmers no take clearance from Military people

Mazi: Which kind clearance now

Is Nigeria On Autopilot?

Egbon: My brother, the matter never finish, i read for news say naa like 7 people dem kill for Kaduna and las las naa sympathy message Bubu write ontop the matter

Mazi: This matter don dey pass be careful o, for some days now, na so so bad news just full inside the Newspaper

Egbon: You see why i talk say i for come down from Naija motor if to say i sabi the person wey dey drive the motor

Oby Ezekwesili Talks About Buhari’s Mental Fitness

Mazi: You go need go find the driver, if you don see am, you go tell am say you wan come down….., come check this news o, Oby Ezekwesili talk say make dem go check Bubu mental condition ( cut in….

Egbon: My brother, i see that news o and the thing no be joke at all

Mazi: But why she go talk that kind thing, Bubu no dey sick again now, why dem go need check him condition

Egbon: See, no be only person wey no dey ok for body dey go for a mental check-up, wetin that woman dey try talk naa say, make dem check Bubu condition sake of say people go fit dey sure say true true him condition dey ok

Mazi: Make we leave Bubu matter first, so naa just like that the people wey dem kill for Borno go just go like that o

Egbon: I no wan chuk mouth for that matter, no be something wey sweet person belle at all, and las las some people go talk say dem don defeat Boko Haram, Mtchewww

Lai Mohammed Says Terrorism Is A Global Issue

Mazi: You don hear the thing wey Lai Mohammed talk on top the killings wey dey happen for the country?

Egbon: Hissss… wetin him wan talk way go dey different from the thing wey him don dey talk before, talk am make i hear sha

Mazi: The Minister talk say Terrorism no be local matter o, say naa Global something, which mean say the thing no be only for naija

Egbon: You see, him matter no dey surprise me again, people die like that, him dey talk wetin no follow

Mazi: Him con add another thing o, Mohammed say naa somethings no allow make the fight against Boko Haram get result

Egbon: Somethings, which something, him too like to dey give excuse, no even talk him matter again self, i no wan hear

Mazi: Ok o, if you talk say you no wan hear wetin him talk again, no wahala, i just hope say government go do something ontop this killings wey dey happen up and down

Egbon: Your hope go come to reality if Naija don commot autopilot, i wan dey move jare

Mazi: Is ok o, take care

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