Egbon and Mazi

Pidgin News (152) Governor Wike Warns Buhari

Rivers State Governor, Wike Warns Buhari over the state of the Nation.

Mazi: Hmmm, naa many thing i no understand ontop this sanction wey dem UK Parliament talk say dem wan sanction some government people for Naija o, you understand the sanction?

Egbon: Ehnn, the thing never too clear to me like that too, but wetin i read ontop the matter naa say dem no go allow make those government poeple wey dem sanction travel go UK

Mazi: Like Visa ban or wetin?

Egbon: Gbam, you get am, and naa better something if you ask me because e be like say some of our politicians dey respect abroad government pass the people wey give them vote

Mazi: Hmmmm, but na wa o, naa everyday by day i dey hear different different something wey dey related to EndSARS matter, you don read this news, come check am… (cut in…

Egbon: I don see the news and i know say naa fear dey make federal government talk say them wan follow UK government talk ontop the matter

Mazi: I know understand wetin you mean o, who dey fear who?

Egbon: Ohhh, so you no know say UK government plus some other Obodo Oyinbo government no dey take Human right play

Mazi: Naa different question i ask you naa Human Right matter you dey talk, how them take resemble now

Egbon: My brother naa the same thing, you no say UK government no dey happy with federal government as Soldier people kill protesters for Lekki?

Mazi: I hear say them talk am..

Egbon: Ehn ehn, that one con mean say UK government don see say federal government don abuse right wey the protesters get as e con be now, them get power to say make government people for Naija no enter their country

Mazi: No be lie and most of them too like to dey fly go Obodo Oyinbo country

Egbon: Instead make them repair the tings wey spoil for them country, them go dey fly up and down like bird wey no get house

Governor Wike Warns Buhari

Mazi: We go see how the matter go end sake of say eye wey get patience go see Nose

Egbon: Beeni o, Naso the matter be, i even read am for inside Newspaper say Rivers Governor, Wike don warn Bubu

Mazi: But Maka why, why him dey warn Bubu, the President offend am?

Egbon: Shey e get anybody wey Bubu no offend apart from Femi Adesina, Lai Mohammed and other people wey dey him government, even you, shey Bubu no offend you?

Mazi: Him no do me anything o, wetin him wan do me, him no stop me say make i no go my shop go make money, wetin remain

Egbon: You see now, so as him no stop you say make you no go shop, e con mean say him dey do well bah?

Mazi: No be you ask me say shey him no offend me, and naa wetin you ask me i answer, but you never answer my own question o

Egbon: Which question be that?

Mazi: I ask say shey Bubu offend Wike, abi why him dey warn am

Egbon: According to the news, Wike talk say as the number one Citizen for the country make him no dey do wetin fit cause Kasala for Naija

Mazi:Hmmm, Is ok, naa better advise him give Bubu

Yakubu Gowon Denies Allegation

Egbon: Shey you don hear wetin Yakubu Gowon talk ontop the allegation wey dem put for him head

Mazi: I kukuma don hear am, him talk say naa rubbish the alleagtion be say him no carry government money run

Egbon: Naso me self hear am o, him talk say naa Rubbish talk, e go be jare, Maradona don pain o

Mazi: Kai, as i hear the news ontop my radio yesterday the thing pain me enter my bone, but naa wetin kill am?

Egbon: Iku ni o, naa death kill am

Mazi: Before nko, shey naa that wan i dey ask you, i say wetin cause the death?

Egbon: Ohh, i never confirm am, but recently i hear say him do surgery, my brother, him don finish him own assignment like that, i wan dey go jare

Mazi: Ok, no wahala, we go talk later

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