Egbon and Mazi

Pidgin News (137): Cry Cry Nigerian Politicians

Egbon: (Clap….), nawa o, small small, this thing don dey turn normal something among our Politicians, e be like say naa actors we con dey elect as politicians for Naija o

Mazi: Laugh… you and this your funny talk, which one be say naa actors we con dey elect, how many actors dey among dem apart from Desmond Elliot

Egbon: No be that one i dey even talk o, at least everybody know say Elliot naa actor before him join politics

Mazi: If naa like that, i no con understand you again, abeg explain make i hear something, why you call dem actors

Egbon: Naa this Kogi commissioner i just dey remember like this

Mazi: You mean that Commissioner for Health wey cry some days ago sake of say hoodlums destroy government property for the state

Egbon: Gbam, Konfamento, naa him i dey talk, as i just remember am, naa him matter con make me remember how some of naija politicians dem don show us plenty Drama 

Mazi: No be small something, when i see that Kogi commissioner, Saka Audu as him dey cry, the cry self do me one kain o, but las las e show say the thing pain am, abi no be so you see am

Egbon: Which kain pain, you know see the video, naa Babanla acting, him just dey act and i know say him too dey try join other naija politicians wey don turn actor

Mazi: Ohh, i no even see am that way o, i be dey think say him cry sake of say the thing pepper am for body 

Egbon: No mind dem, naa today?, dem never realise say Naija people don wise up, we no dey drink dem sobo again

Mazi: Naa that cry cry something me self no understand 

Commissioner Shed Tears Over Level Of Vandalisation In Kogi
Commissioner Shed Tears Over Level Of Vandalisation In Kogi

Egbon: As for me o, i understand dem very well, naa acting dem dey do, you don forget that Video wey show as Cross River governor, Ben Ayade dey cry that time, say poverty dey waya many people for the state

Mazi: How i go forget am, the thing still fresh inside my head like say naa today the thing happen o

Egbon: Fine, shey you no say, dem find COVID-19 palliatives for that state too, Mazi, you self check am well, if true true him cry no be acting, how him go keep palliative wey him suppose give the people

Mazi: Na wa for naija o, the other time naso Fayose go put bandage for him neck say him dey inside pain

Egbon: You don forget the Drama wey Dino Melaye, Olisa Metuh, Diezani Madueke and many of dem don show us for this country

Governor Akeredolu Exonerate Governors From Palliatives Drama

Mazi: I don move commot that cry cry drama jare, i don see another headline wey talk say Ondo Governor chuk mouth put for this COVID-19 palliative matter

Egbon: Wetin dem wan talk again, no be same same dem be, naa the acting wey we still dey talk be that o

Mazi: Him talk say the Coalition Against COVID-19 insist say make governors do official flag-off ceremony before dem share the palliatives 

Egbon: Shey that one naa talk, so make people die before dem go share the palliatives sake of say dem wan do flag-off, i don talk am say many of these politicians naa actor

Mazi: Naa the flag-off matter me self no understand o, Naija with plenty paparazi, dem go sha dey use Grammar carry us join body

Fake News In Nigeria

Egbon: Federal government still dey talk say dem wan fight fake news for Nigeria o, dem say the matter never finish

Mazi: But that one naa better something now, fake News too plenty for this country, this wan wey everybody don turn News Reporter now

Egbon: So naa wetin go con happen to the freedom of expression wey give people power to talk wetin dey inside their mind?

Mazi: According to wetin the Minister for Youths and sports, Sunday Dare talk ontop the matter of this social media ( cut in…

Egbon: Answer my question first, wetin go happen to freedom of expression wey dey inside our constitution

Mazi: Naa one of the things wey dey tire me for your matter be this, you no go allow make person talk, you ask question, i dey try explain and you no allwo me talk am

Egbon: I ask you question, naa Minister tory you wan dey talk

Mazi: But naa the Minister help federal government talk am now and part of wetin him talk naa say, dem go do the matter in a way webi say the thing go follow our law

Egbon: Ok, i no know say naa wetin you wan explain be that

Mazi: When you no go allow make person explain something wey you no know, he even talk say the federal government go follow National Assembly talk say make dem torchlight the matter

Egbon: My own be say make dem allow people talk wetin dey their mind, naa Democracy we dey practice no be Military government we dey

Mazi: I don talk am say we no suppose dey condemn everything wey government dey do, e get somethings wey dem dey do wey make sense

Egbon: Make we dey watch and see how the thing go be sha cuz i be dey thing say matter plenty for ground wey the government suppose attend to, make dem no too focus on something like this and forget other things

Mazi: You don talk am finish, make we see as the thing go be, me i wan dey go, i wan go pay for some of my goods wey i dey expect

Egbon: No wahala, Baba o ni goods, everywhere go good, we go talk later

Mazi: Bye.

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