Egbon and Mazi

Pidgin News (129): From SARS To SWAT, What Is The Difference?

Egbon: ( Clap…, Nawa for this Naija o, we dey shout make dem end SARS, dem say dem don dissolve am, come carry another one con meet us, which kain thing be this now self

Mazi: I don talk am before say I no know wetin all these protesters want make the government and the IGP do, abeg shey you no still like this new unit like this

Egbon: Wetin i wan like about the SWAT abi naa SWAG dem call am self, shey no be the same officers wey dey harass innocent Nigerians dem go still put there, abi kini iyato ninu mejeji like this

Mazi: As for me o, i think say the government and IGP don do better something as dem announce this new unit for inside police, no be everything we suppose dey look one kain

Egbon: I no talk say the IGP no try, but e be like say e no understand wetin people dey protest say dem want gangan (cut in..

Mazi: Naa wetin dem want, shebi naa you be dem mouthpiece, talk make we hear you, wetin dem want

Egbon: You go just dey talk out of point, shey you no read am for Newspaper abi hear am for radio the five things wey the protesters say dem want ni

Mazi: Naa you no dey current, i current pass you (cut in…

Egbon: Pele jare, Taye Currency, you current naa him you no know wetin the #EndSARS protesters talk say dem want

Mazi: You wey dey claim current shey you never hear say Presidential panel don talk say dem go look into the five demands and do wetin dem suppose do, say dem go make sure say police no attack protesters and say dem go release people wey dem don arrest during the protest

Egbon: Mazi, this matter no be fight, wetin i wan know gangan naa say wetin be the difference between SARS and SWAT, no be same officers dem go use

Mazi: Me self no dey fight you, but instead make you ask question, you go dey assume, dey yan apata

Egbon: Ok, now i don ask you, explain make i hear you

Mazi: The IGP talk say dem go do training and medical check-up for the officers wey dem wan use for the SWAT, so dem go make sure say police no dey harras people again

Egbon: I hear you, but another question wey i suppose don even ask since naa say wetin be the meaning of the SWAT self

Mazi: Laugh…, you see now, if i tell you say, i no be your mate for news, you no go gree, SWAT mean Special Weapon and Tactics

Egbon: Is okay, honourable off your mic, is ok, i don hear you, my own be say, whether naa SARS or naa SWAT o, make police no dey arrest, kill or harass innocent people again, lobatan

Mazi: Eh ehn, shey you hear say, Oyo state governor, Seyi Makinde don approve 100 million naira for one King for the state

Egbon: I kuku hear am, say make dem use the money renovate the palace of Soun of Ogbomosho, where protesters go do we no go gree, him con talk say make dem give the family of Jimoh Isiaka wey police kill 1 million naira too

Mazi: Imagine, ehn, 100 million naira kwa, ontop wetin now, even the family of person wey police kill no get 100 million, which kain something be this now

Egbon: Oyamilenu oo, imagine the pain wey the family of the boy go dey go feel o, i no know wetin dem wan renovate for the palace

Mazi: My brother, the thing self get as e be for my eyes o, but how for do, naa dem money now, no be my money

Egbon: No be dem money, naa tax payers money, dem no suppose dey spend am anyhow, shebi if to say dem give the family of that boy better money now e for make sense

Mazi: Dem go dey alright jare, i even hear say, Bubu don nominate him aide on Social media, Lauretta Onochie plus three other people as INEC commissioners

Egbon: See Mazi, this country don tire me, how Bubu go nominate Onochie wey be APC member as INEC commissioner

Mazi: PDP self don condemn the nomination, Femi Falana too talk say e no follow, make we dey watch how the thing go end jare, see I no fit come get high blood pressure ontop Nigeria matter, I dey go my shop

Egbon: Toor, no wahala o, you better join us make we together demand for better naija

Mazi: Dey demand am, i go join you because the wan wey we don dey talk since, i no know wetin e don bring, see, we go talk later jare

Egbon: Ok ooo, we go dey alright las las.

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