Pics: Things to Expect from Tinubu as Election Gifts

Already, various items have started popping up that the Tinubu Campaign Organisation, TCO, is distributing at events, religious centres, and conferences, to mention a few.

The picture above represents one of the items given to a congregation at a recent church service, where a Twitter user revealed that some members accepted the meal served in a take-home pack while others rejected the food.

Also, in 2022, a particular picture of a man holding bread with Bola Asiwaju Tinubu Presidential Ambition label on it, trended on the internet and received criticisms around various parts of the country.

But the major campaign for the 2023 presidential election is even yet to start proper. By the time it commences, that’s when Nigerians would be surprised by items they would receive.

Pics: Things To Expect From Tinubu As Election Gifts

Gift Items from Tinubu’s Camp also encountered several gift items that came in the form of sacks of food items suspected to be garry, rice and other consumables.

In response to the enticements from politicians in general, Tweeps sent numerous messages urging Nigerians qualified to vote to get their Permanent Voters Card, PVC and abstain from collecting bribes from politicians.

On @Am2favouredStatus hinted that the country Nigeria is nobody’s property that could be passed from one incompetent leader to another, urging citizens to come together and fix the broken bridge that would take us to the promise land.

Pics: Things To Expect From Tinubu As Election Gifts

“Young graduates on the street with no hope of survival, the biggest job for the youths these days is POS, Prostitution, Internet fraud & Drugs, all these were systems designed by past & present leaders to impoverish the future of the nation and keep the youths useless.”

-She said.
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