Pastor Folu Adeboye Advises Single Ladies

Pastor Mrs Folu Adeboye, the wife of the General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, Pastor Enoch Adeboye, has advised single ladies not to see social media platforms as the best place to search for a life partner.

Preaching during the 25th annual convention of the RCCG, Pastor Folu advised single ladies to allow God to choose life partners for them, noting that anyone who misses the right person in their marriage has kickstarted the journey to hell.

She reiterated the need for single ladies to listen to the voice of God and allow Him to direct them to the right man instead of choosing by sight.

The clergywoman revealed that she met Pastor Adeboye when he was in the University, but had to stood by him when God instructed him to work in his vineyard.

Folu Adeboye

According to Mrs Adeboye, those who allow God’s will to be done in their lives stand the opportunity to enjoy their marriage. Furthermore, the clergywoman opined the need for women to be submissive in marriage, despite civilisation.

She emphasized the need to run the institution of marriage with wisdom from God, noting that wisdom is the principal thing. Pastor Folu noted that Solomon spoke to God about Queen of Sheba before going to her after receiving wisdom.

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