Passion Of Christ Actor To Find Out If He Truly Looks Like Jesus

Passion Of Christ Actor, Jim Caviezel

Jim Caviezel, the Passion of Christ Actor, whose pictures have gone over the world as the face of Jesus Christ after acting as Him in the movie produced in 2004 and released 2005 is truly believed to look like the Lord Jesus Christ.

Many children and even some adults till now have Jim’s picture permanently in their mind when thinking about Jesus Christ. His picture has appeared in so many church advertisements, magazines, posters, handbills and other publications when the figure of Jesus is needed.

Passion Of Christ Actorjim Caviezel
Passion of Christ Actor, Jim Caviezel

It got so serious that Jim had to publicly tell the world that he is not Jesus and his pictures should not be used in representing Him.

it was reported that before going into the production of the Passion of Christ an American Biblical movie produced, co-written and directed by Mel Gibson, Jim Caviezel was warned by Gibson that the character “Jesus” he was about to play would affect his acting career forever.

Caviezel, a determined actor, replied ,stressing his readiness to shoulder the consequences and burden of taking such a huge role is a movie. During the movie production, Caviezel began to see some strange happening notable for mention.

He was struck by lightning, accidentally scourged, had a dislocated shoulder, pneumonia and hypothermia. These did not stop him from completing the 12 hours movie.

Passion of Christ was so successful that it is the seventh highest-grossing film domestically and the highest-grossing Christian film of all time.

Passion Of Christ Co- Writer And Director Mel Gibson
Passion of Christ Co- Writer and Director, Mel Gibson

The fame of this movie centred around Jim Caviezel who was the main cast despite having Maia Morgenstern as Virgin Mary who is the mother of the biblical Jesus Christ, and Monica Bellucci and Mary Magdalene among others.

Either Jim Caviezel likes it or not, when the name Jesus Christ is mentioned, some people will have his picture pop-up automatically in their subconscious mind so he should deal with it.

However, the main thing is if Jim Caviezel would be ready to find out if he truly looks like Jesus Christ? According to the bible, at the end of the world, which will be when Jesus Christ return to take away the saints, they will be able to see His face and dine with Him.

Jim Caviezel and his wife are both devoted Catholics, that means he believes in the second coming of Jesus and the after live in heaven. How good would it be if he can make it to heaven to find out what Jesus really looks like? He would also be able to ask questions like, “did I play my part well? Was I able to tell the story the way it happened? Did it really pained you the way I made the whole world believe?

Passion Of Christ Co- Writer And Dircetor Mel Gibson And Jim Caviezel
Jesus Christ being Beaten in the Passion Of Christ

For those who watched the movie while on earth would also make it to heaven, some of the might be able to hear Jesus Christ’s responses as witnesses to the final review of the Passion Of Christ in Heaven.

If I were to be Jim Caviezel, I would do all it takes to see Jesus Christ myself and find out, even as I am not him, I would still try to make it there even if I would not bee a member of the committee to review the Passion of Christ in heaven. I will be there to see Jesus and escape eternal condemnation.

Some times it would be good to satisfy your curiosity even if it would be for the fun of it. Incase you see Caviezel, tell him to express to you how he would feel if he finally gets to know that he truly looks like Jesus.

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