Panic as 75% of Wuse General Market is to be Shut Down due Coronavirus

Wuse General Market in Abuja has been closed down due to the rapid outbreak of the COVID 19 virus in Nigeria. As at yesterday, the market was opened but on reaching the market this morning most of the shops were lucked.

However, Wuse General market men and women are in front of the entrance gate waiting for more information concerning the lockdown. Some shops are open but mojority of the shops are said to be closed, this could be could as a result of the recently recorded case of the COVID 19 virus which the Nigerian President’s right-hand man tested positive to.

Panic As 75% Of Wuse General Market Is To Be Shut Down Due Coronavirus
Abba Kyari Nigerian Chief Of Staffs

Presently the Vice President of the country (Nigeria) is in self-isolation as he had made contact with Abba Kyari the Nigerian Chief of Staffs of the federation. We await further information concerning the closure of the Wuse General Market and could be expected from other markets.

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