Outcry Over Claims That Maradona Was Killed

Hundreds of demonstrators took to the streets of Argentina to demand what they have referred to as justice for the death of football legend Diego Maradona.

These protests are coming a while after he was announced dead in November 2020.

Was Maradona killed?

Earlier this week, a group of experts had met to investigate how the football icon died and whether there was any foul play or medical negligence at play in his case.

Wearing Argentinian football jerseys, the protesters held banners and flags emblazoned with the football icon’s face, as well as a cut-out of the superstar, during a rally in central Buenos Aires, the capital.

Outcry Over Claims That Maradona Was Killed 1

The demonstrators wore Argentina football jerseys held flags and banners that had the face of Maradona on them and a cutout of the legend. They held a rally in central Buenos Aires, the capital of the country.

His ex-wife, Claudia Villafane, and two of his daughters, Dalma and Gianinna, led the early evening rally, calling for social and legal justice in the case.

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Outcry Over Claims That Maradona Was Killed 2

Maradona, a World Cup winner with Argentina, is regarded as one of the greatest football players. He achieved almost godlike status in his home country despite long battles with drug and alcohol addiction and poor health.

At the justice department’s request, a medical board met again on Monday to analyse his death.

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