Osinachi’s Death: Brother to Late Gospel Singer Brings Fresh Angle

Nwachukwu Osinachi’s death is still causing a lot of concern as even her brother has finally come out to speak on the tragic incident that led to her passing.

AThe brother who goes by the name Chiemerie, spoke on the part she played in the sad incident and why she refused to split from her husband even after the severe beatings.

he revealed that the Ekwueme singer opted to stay in the abusive marriage due to how her followers would perceive her.

Osinachi’s Death

According to him, Osinachi was trying to avoid people from describing her as a divorced minister, and so her husband, Nwachukwu, succeeded in killing the singer slowly.

Speaking with newsmen, Chiemerie said: “I know Osinachi very well. She is very quiet and God-fearing. She was going through all these and she refused to tell me because I would have known what to do.

“She was just hiding all these things so people will not talk about her and say she is divorced. So, the man was dealing with her and she was dying slowly.”

He had reported a case of culpable homicide to the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) Police against Nwachukwu, which led to his arrest on April 10.

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