FCT Residents Panic As Kidnappings Encroach on Capital

Tension is rising all over the country due to the recent spate of attacks occasioned by terrible insecurity. FCT residents have begun to panic due to the apparent infiltration of the capital city by the men of the underworld who execute these heinous crimes.

FCT residents fear for their safety after recent kidnappings

In the most recent attack in Abuja, a retired Assistant Comptroller-General of Immigrations, Abdulahi Rakieu, was kidnapped in the Tungan Maje area of Gwagwalada Area Council of the Federal Capital Territory.

In the attack on Saturday, apart from Abdulahi Rakieu, three other people were abducted.

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The more bemusing and frightening part of the incident was that the victims’ houses were raided and the victims were taken away.

The community is on the fringes of Abuja. It has been subject to similar attacks recently, the most notable of which was in September last year, when several people, including children, were abducted in the dead of night.

The FCT Police spokesperson. ASP Mariam Yusuf said that the FCT Command had launched a strategic operation to check the FCT residents’ security concerns.

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