Oritsefemi’s Wife Forgets Love, Exposes Husband

Just yesterday, Nabila Fash, Oritsefemi’s wife forgets love and openly exposed her husband for cheating while launching a search for the side chick, but there is more to that story

Talking about her husband’s escapades with his mistresses in their matrimonial home was just the beginning of the situation. Her friend and former manager to her husband also backed up her claim in a lengthy Instagram caption.

The former manager with the handle, @Theladykara shared her own experiences while working with Oritsefemi. She spoke about how she knew about his infidelity but did not want to seem like a home breaker in her friend’s marriage.

She started with how Nabila begged her to help manage Oritsefemi which she did for their friendship, even going as far as funding his European Tour with her personal funds only to be left stranded on the continent, save for her kind friends there.

Kara also wrote that there were times where she had to fight physically to get the scandalous artiste to behave himself but was thankful that her friend was now in the know. See her post below;

Oritsefemi'S Wife Forgets Love, Exposes Husband

Oritsefemi’s wife forgets love after lady speaks up

Nabila acknowledged this tweet and responded with many thanks to her friend for being a real one sighting how Oritsefemi manipulated them into being enemies just because Kara didn’t agree to his advances.

Oritsefemi'S Wife Forgets Love, Exposes Husband
Oritsefemi’s Wife Forgets Love, Exposes Husband

Apart from a pitch-black Instagram story shared minutes ago, Oritsefemi has not commented on this marital scandal, although he is not new to being called out for cheating.

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