One Million Boys: Portable Fans, Anti-Fans React to His Cultism Post

The One Million Boys video made by the fast-rising Zazu singer, Portable, has sparked hundreds of reactions from fans and non-fans of the controversial musician.

Known to loosely open his buccal cavity (mouth) on the internet, Portable almost got into trouble with the Nigerian Police for bragging about the creation of the cult group – One Million Boys – known for their brutal murders back then in Lagos and Ogun States.

He was quick to make another video denying everything earlier said, renouncing any affiliation with the brutal group and stating that he was only referring to his fans, not any cult or gang.

However, those critics against the behaviour and activities of the unruly artiste quickly went under his post to express how disgusted they are with his current acts.

Anti-Zazu Fans Address the One Million Boys Comment

Speaking, @TimmyBlaize2, reacted that Education is definitely not a scam, adding that the Zuzu singer should be dealt with severely.

He said the sleepless nights encountered in Lagos during those times when the criminal gang terrorised their neighbourhood, adding that it was a nightmare and wasn’t easy to overcome.

@waleangelsing did not hide words when he expressed how bitter he felt when the musician posted the video bragging about how he was the founder of the deadly criminal gang.

He said, “Which yeye celebrity he be?… Who dash am celebrity… Nuisance na him you dey call celebrity.”

One Million Boys: Portable Fans, Anti-Fans React To His Cultism Post

Similarly, @Princemoye1 tweeted, “This portable mouth too dey leak, werey think say everything Na cruise. From grass to grace, now from top to bottom.” He added.

Princemoye later insisted that the Lagos State police should investigate him, noting that he indicted himself already through documentary evidence, adding that no evidence is as strong as an oral admission of a Suspect/Defendant.

Others also called for his immediate arrest. The likes of @kiki_Popeyes, posted on the microblogging platform demanding he should not be allowed to go scot-free.

“Please, do not let that rascal get away with this. He has to be taught a lesson on civility. His owners do not have any control over the drug head, so the state has to do it.” She emphasised.

@OluwaLargess also tweeted, saying, “Good for him, too much talk … the funniest part is he might just be bragging and not know them ooo, but too much talk either way. He should go and perform zazzu for IGP, and coupled with the fact that he just finished ripping APC.”

On his part, @Atandalfe advised that a door can even be a trap, saying if you are not prepared for success, it will be like a weapon in the hands of an amateur. That’s why education is important. It’s not to give you money but the ability to use your brain right, knowing right from wrong.

One Million Boys: Portable Fans, Anti-Fans React To His Cultism Post
One Million Boys: Portable Fans, Anti-Fans React to His Cultism Post

The popular skit maker, @Ogb Cult!st, also tweeted, “I said this earlier ‘Say no to cultism’ Potable mouth don carry am go where e no know.”

However, there were only a few unnoticeable comments from his that backed him up but did it indirectly in order not to implicate themselves as well.

One of his supporters only argued that since the recently concluded Osun State Governorship election failed to swing in favour of the All Progressives Congress, APC that gave him money to campaign for their candidate, the incumbent Governor of the State, Adegboyega Oyetola.

His conduct during the campaign, according to some critics, was nothing to write home about.

@FecomNet posted, stating that the Zazu Star was the same individual that wanted to sit on the late Awolowo statue during the APC rally in Osun State?

Others in the middle have only offered advice to the artiste and asked that he coordinated himself and stop promoting the one million boys, as stardom comes with a level of responsibility since some youths take after the conduct of many celebrities.

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