Video Still Trending of Pastor Holding Gun at Alter

A video showing a pastor (name withheld) holding a rifle during the sermon session in an undisclosed church has been trending on social media.

The preacher was recorded while preaching to his members, telling them about the time he first purchased the gun.

In the short clip, one could see the man of God waving and boldly displaying the weapon for his worshippers to see with the aim of telling them about the need to protect themselves from any possible harm.

He explained that the weapon was obtained in the right way, that he secured a license from the government when the arms was bought far back in 1994.

Video Still Trending Of Pastor Holding Gun At Alter

The man of God told his church members that the license has, however, expired, adding that he would try to renew it as soon as possible.

Preacher’s Words in Viral Video

His said: “I bought this weapon in 1994, twenty-eight years ago, and this is my license. I am licensed by the government, and I have enabled it twice, it has expired now, but I am going to renew it again,” he added.

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