Omoyele Sowore Calls For Fresh Protest

Reactions have continued to trail the statement credited to Major Gen Bashir Magashi, the Minister of Defence, who advised Nigerians to defend themselves from the hands of bandits.

Human right activist, Omoyele Sowore has called for a fresh protest. Sowore said the idea behind the proposed protest is to prove to the Minister of Defence that Nigerians are not cowards.

In a viral video, the Minister wondered why Nigerians run away from bandits, adding that security is not for the Military. According to Magashi, it is the responsibility of Nigerians to keep alert and find safety when necessary.

Sowore Calls For Fresh Protest

Omoyele Sowore Calls For Fresh Protest

Check out other reactions from Twitter users.

@YarKafanchan “Nigeria’s Minister of Defence is an utter disgrace. After failing to protect Nigerians while enriching their deep pockets, this character tells helpless villagers in a rapidly falling Nigerian State that they are cowardly for running from armed terrorists.”

@DrOlufunmilayo “The Minister of Defence said Nigerians should defend themselves against bandits. Yet the same man is against the ownership of guns by private citizens. So pls how do we protect ourselves.”

@Abadam “The Minister of defence saying people should not run because of 3 rounds of ammunition. May our parents never be this heartless in the face of reality just to maintain power! All sort of gutter behaviour dey this government.”

@OgbeniDipo “The Minister of Defence should not be saying this. Citizens with bare hands should not be cowards and face terrorists with AK47 and RPGs? Just do your job or resign.”

The statement credited to Major Gen Bashir Magashi is coming on the heels of the recent abduction of students and teachers in Niger State. reported that President Buhari had dispatched the Armed Forces and Police to Niger State to rescue students and Teachers abducted from the Government Science School, Kagara.

Also, the Senate has condemned the attack on the Government Science School, Kagara. The Senate urged President Buhari to declare a State of Emergency on insecurity in Nigeria.

The Senate also urged the President to consider and implement the Senate Ad-hoc Committee’s recommendations on Nigeria’s security challenges.

Omoyele Sowore

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