Omah Lay Shares Crazy Ordeal With Female Fan

Award-winning musician, Omah Lay shares crazy ordeal with one of his female fans in a recent interview.

Born Stanley Didia Omah, the 14th Headies Next Rated Artiste stole the heart of many with his first album, Get laid. He quickly rose to become one of the most sought artiste, not just in the Nigerian music industry but among the ladies.

Omah Lay Shares Crazy Ordeal With Fan

In an interview with Hip Tv, he was asked what his craziest Dm or experience from a fan was, and he said,

Omah Lay Shares Crazy Ordeal With Female Fan

“I can’t tell the craziest DM I’ve gotten but I can tell the craziest experience I’ve gotten from a female fan and that was back in my previous apartment, somebody tailed me down to my house, got through my gate by about 3 am in the morning and knocked on my door for a photo. That’s the craziest experience.”

On the topic of his rise to fame, Omah Lay admitted that it happened way faster than he expected especially seeing that his first project was a hit .

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