Laycon Explains Headies Shoe Malfunction

If there is one thing we need to know, it is the fact that the internet (fans) never forget, and it is evident as Laycon explains Headies shoe malfunction days after it happened.

Recall that the BBNaija housemate was caught wearing what seemed to be an oversized pair of white sneakers while performing at the Headies award. While this did not surprise some fans who already had low expectations of the musician’s stylists, others were shocked.

Laycon Explains Headies Shoe Malfunction 1
Laycon explains Headies shoe saga

These shoes went on to become the star of the night, seeing that internet users turned the supposed wardrobe malfunction into a meme-worthy situation.

Laycon Explains Headies Shoe Saga

Days after this occurrence, a curious fan asked Laycon why he had to wear those shoes to the Headies, and Laycon gave his explanation. According to him, wearing those shes were symbolic as he wanted to make a statement at the award show. He said,

“First off when you are going to a show like that, you need to make a statement and I’m on stage performing and when my stylist brought out the different shoes, I’m like, I want this one because it is very big yh. It makes a statement, it means every step I take is a big step towards anywhere I’m going to.”

Trolls were, however, not satisfied with this explanation, saying that the artiste just cooked up some lie to save himself from embarrassment.


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