Abuja-Kaduna Train Attack: NRC Confirms Number of Passengers on Board, Others Still Missing

Contrary to widespread reports on social media, the Nigerian Railway Corporation (NRC) has confirmed the number of passengers on board the ill-fated 6 pm outbound Abuja to Kaduna train on Monday.

In a recent development, the NRC has confirmed that out of the 362 passengers on board the train, it is yet to get contact with 136 at the time of reporting.

In a Thursday night interview, the Managing Director of NRC, Mr Fidet Okhiria, gave an account of the manifest, revealing that only 123 of the 362 have been reached via phone.

NRC: Operations to Resume in Two Weeks

Okhiria revealed that 398 purchased tickets, but only 362 were on board the train, eight of the passengers were killed and 41 others were injured.

“We have set up a desk and we have been able to talk to 123 persons who said they are safe. Another 17 people picked up the phone but they said they bought tickets for people and have not heard from them,” Okhiria said.

“Other lines, we have not been able to get them, either not available or switched off. So, that is the position as of now. We will continue to try their numbers.”

The MD also revealed that the families of the kidnapped victims are still getting in touch with them, with at least five have disclosed contacts with the kidnappers.

Debunking reports on social media about the seating capacity of the train, Okhiria revealed that the entire seat capacity of the train NRC AK9 Service train is 840.

Okhiria added that the 970 figure quoted on social media was incorrect, challenging anyone who thinks otherwise should come out with proof.

 He further revealed that the train service is on fully automated e-tickets with entry and exit system turnstiles that validate every passenger onboard the trains.

“We had nine coaches on that train and the full capacity is 840 passengers. Exactly 398 bought tickets because Abuja-Kaduna has an e-ticketing platform. We don’t sell tickets without a record and on the website, they are well captured,” he stated.

“Before you can enter the train, your ticket will open the barrier that will allow you to the platform to board the train. That is the validation. So, 362 persons were captured entering the train both at Idu and Rigasa and that is on record.”

Okhiria further revealed that work has commenced on the affected tracks, and in the next two weeks train service should commence on the Abuja-Kaduna route.

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