New Disease, Nipah Virus Surfaces In China

A report made available by the Access to Medicine Foundation has shown that the outbreak of a new infectious disease, Nipah Virus in China with a fatality rate of up to 75 per cent.

According to the report, the Nipah virus could potentially be the next big pandemic after COVID-19.

The Foundation’s executive director, Jayasree K Iyer, noted that the next pandemic could be a drug-resistant infection. gathered that the virus is another emerging infectious disease that causes great concern with indications that it could blow any moment.

However, the World Health Organization described the virus as rare and spread by fruit bats, which can cause flu-like symptoms and brain damage.

Nipah Virus Surfaces In China

The WHO said the virus could cause encephalitis or inflammation of the brain, adding that the usual treatment is supportive care.

An outbreak of the Nipah virus claimed 17 lives in India’s southern state, Kerala in 2018. Also, the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia temporarily placed a ban on frozen imports from Kerala.

Nipah Virus Surfaces In China
Fruit bat.

Meanwhile, health experts have warned governments to learn lessons from the COVID-19 outbreak adding that the Nipah virus is a cause for concern.

The experts also expressed concerns over the virus’s fatality rate, noting that it has no treatment or cure yet, as the deadly virus could be transmitted from person-to-person.

The Nipah virus, also known as NiV, can spread to humans through contact with infected animals such as pigs or bats, or their body fluids.

World Health Organization, WHO
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