Egbon and Mazi

Pidgin News (198): COVID-19 Law No Be Joke

COVID-19 Law No Be Joke

Closure Of Markets In Abuja

Mazi: Before Before, i bin dey think say this law wey President Buhari announce na joke o, na now i con dey see say no be joke at all

Egbon: Why you talk say na now you see say the thing no be joke?

Mazi: Hmmm, if you see how many people dem arrest sake of say dem no wear face mask for public for Abuja here, the thing serious o

Egbon: I no say some people no go wan obey the law, even when e show say na for dem own good o, some people sha

COVID-19 Law No Be Joke

Mazi: And na those kind people dey first blame government, i even hear say dem don dey close some market for Abuja

Egbon: No be lie o, dem don close Wuse, UTC, Bannex sake of say the people wey dey sale inside the markets no obey the COVID-19 Law wey government announce

Mazi: I no just no why people dey do like this, simple instruction, dem no go follow, now, the market wey dem close go affect many people

IGP Issues Directive On COVID-19 Law

Egbon: E go affect plenty Business true true o and the Oga for ekelebe dem don even give new order ontop the matter

Mazi: Ehn ehn, na which order him give ontop the thing?

Egbon: The IGP talk say make ekelebe dem make sure say people obey the Coronavirus Disease Health Protection 2021 (read more here)

Mazi: Shey no be that law wey go make the use of face masks for public place mandatory

Egbon: Naa the law gangan, i only hope say the ekelebe dem no go abuse the order like this

Secret Execution Of Soldiers

Mazi: Me self hope so o, wait o, i hear something, but i no wan beleive say na true

Egbon: Na wetin you hear?

Covid-19 Law No Be Joke

Mazi: E get one tory wey talk say, the before before Oga for Naija soldier, Buratai give order say make dem kill 6 Igbo soldiers for secret

Egbon: Hmm, that one na serious something if the tory dey true, how him go give that kind order

Mazi: Me self wonder o, but the Nigerian Army talk say the thing na lie

Extension Of NIN-SIM Registration

Egbon: Las las, true go show face, shey you don hear say federal government don add time for the deadline for NIN registration?

Mazi: Ah, that one na better news o, na when dem con talk say the thing go end now?

Egbon: Dem talk say e go end for April 6, 2021, say dem postpone the registration to give plenty people time to take do the registration

Mazi: E make sense like that, e get one news wey i see o, dem say one man wey don dey drink kaikai and wey con dey smoke since don get bright yellow skin for china

Egbon: Yellow skin keh, that one serious o, the drink plus cigarette don dmage him system be that o

Mazi: Na why overdo no good be that, everything suppose dey in moderation, make i con dey go

Egbon: We go talk later now, take care

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