“Nigerians are stupid people”, Daddy Showkey

Nigerian born reggae singer John Odafe Asiemo known as Daddy Showkey just called Nigerians stupid people in a video on his social media page. According to him, the way many people were out of their homes just on the first day of the eased lockdown is not encouraging at any level.

Pointing out that Nigerians are always blaming the government for everything without taking responsibility for any of their actions, he said this is not the time to share blames. Reminding people that now is no time to look for money, he advised people to stay home if they are not after essential products and services. Daddy Showkey tells everyone going out in this reason without a valid reason is playing games with their lives.

&Quot;Nigerians Are Stupid People&Quot;, Daddy Showkey
"Nigerians are stupid people", Daddy Showkey 3
“Nigerians are stupid people”, Daddy Showkey

Daddy Showkey went ahead to call out Nigerians for ignoring the efforts of all the people involved in the fight against the coronavirus and claiming the “government dey chop money”. He further urged all those who have the means of educating people on preventing this virus from spreading to not relent in doing so.

Although the language used in passing the message might come off as mean and vulgar, the essence of it is for people to maintain social distancing until we can defeat the coronavirus virus.

“Nigerians are stupid people”, Daddy Showkey

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