Nigerian Singer Faints on International Stage

Organizers of an international singing contest were faced with a terrifying moment after a Nigerian singer faints on the stage seconds after making a rendition.

The singer, Funke Lagoke had just finished performing a duet on American Idol with her partner, Felton Ronda and while the judges were criticising their performance. The camera caught Funke’s hands shaking while Lionel Richie was delivering his judgement.

Nigerian Singer Faints On International Stage 1
Nigerian Singer Faints on Stage

Nigerian Singer Faints on Global Stage

In the middle of his comment when he said, “Funke, you got yourself to the end. The problem is … ”, the lady fell face forward on the stage

In a state of panic, Lionel Richie and his fellow panelist, Luke Bryan rushed to join other staff in getting her off the stage and to the hospital as quickly as possible.

The show released a statement later to say that she will be be continuing to the showstopper stage and mentioned that she was  “treated for dehydration and released from the hospital.”

Funke competed and won the Miss Nigeria USA pageant in 2019 .

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