Comedian, Mr Macaroni Fumes Over Allegation

Famous comedian and actor, Debo Adedayo, also known as Mr Macaroni, has fired back at a troll who accused him of sexual objectification of women in his skits.

The comedian, in his response, noted that he deliberately ignore the people who push the sexual objectification narrative because according to him, most of them only do so for engagement on Twitter.

Mr Macaroni further challenged the troll @DubemEkunie, to explain the meaning of sexual objectification. He said that it is a shame if the troll could not see the satire in his skits and how he uses his content to reflect the happenings in society.

 “I ignore you people that always try to push this narrative because I know most of you only seek engagement. Explain to me what sexual objectification means? If you don’t see the satire in my videos and how I use my contents to reflect our reality then the shame is on you.”

Mr Macaroni

The skit maker accused some people of focusing more on breasts and ass in his comedy skit rather than pay keen attention to how his videos reflect the societal ills.

While reacting to the gruesome murder of an Akwa Ibom based job seeker, Hinny Humoren, Mr Macaroni said innocent Nigerians are being killed and kidnapped, and absolutely nothing is being done about it. 

In his response to a tweep, who challenged him to reach out to those in authority to ensure that Justice is served, Macaroni said he doesn’t know people in government and doesn’t care to know them, adding that most of them are wicked and heartless.

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