Nigerian Parties_ Live Band Performance or Disc Jockey?

Nigerians are known to take celebrations to another level and it’s an entire thing when it comes to these Nigerian parties. It’s always showtime in Nigerian parties that are mostly held during the weekend (Friday & Saturday). Out of this Nigerian parties comes an element of music through a live band performance or a turntable disc jockey or both as the case maybe. It is therefore interesting to know which of these comes out on top since it has become our lifestyle.

Nigerian Parties

Party Nigerians
Nigerian Party

In this part of the world, there is a ceremony for almost every phase of life; naming, wedding, burial, graduation to mention a few and this makes the Nigerian parties thick. From the east, west, north, and south of Nigeria, partying is part of our lifestyle.

There are no better ways to know more about our culture and traditions than the Nigerian parties Our music, dance, language, traditional attires and food are well represented in these ceremonies. Music is a language on its own and it is used to bless these occasions.

Nigerian music which comprises of highlife, hip hop, fuji, Afro beats and all form of indigenous genre are regular doses of the Nigerian parties. It is supplied by either a live performing artist or a disc jockey and in some cases both. Whichever way, our music makes the life of the party more fun.

Live Performing Artist or Disc Jockey?

Nigerian Parties_ Live Band Performance Or Disc Jockey?
A Disc Jockey

Owambe is a Nigerian word for parties that may likely be added to the dictionary anytime soon lol! Many are planning to hold a party this weekend all over the country and some are also invited or they invite themselves. Whatever it is, it is certain to be hosted by a live performing band or a disc jockey in a Nigerian party.

Nigerian Parties_ Live Band Performance Or Disc Jockey?
A Live Performing band

People were asked to choose between a live performing band or a disc jockey for the Nigerian parties. This is what they have to say:

I’ll prefer a live band with an exceptional delivery

_ Mrs. Angel Omobolanle, Ibadan

I would prefer a live band because they can always divert and switch to contemporary songs and make your party feel alive unlike DJs who play some particular songs after which the rest of the songs, he might be playing won’t make you have the urge to dance. As for live band, they are the real deal and ice in the cake of any Nigerian party be it Yoruba, Igbo, Hausa and all tribes. The live band know how to do their things and carry everyone along.

_ Miss Tosin Alabi, Lagos.

 I’ll go for live band because people tend to spray and spend money when live band is playing compared to a DJ. Live band mostly meet the needs of the adults in an occasion, it is like a style they can relate with unlike a DJ blasting gbedu. Another thing is that the live band can sing with people’s name which make their head to swell and when that happens, they can go all the length in spending all their money on the stage.

_ Mr. Mentor Olaniyi, Akure.

I prefer live band because it is live.

_ Miss Seyi Olajugba, Akure.

As for me, I’ll prefer live band because they will be able to play songs that both old and young can dance to. The performer must be someone who can sing any type of song including when it is time for the youth to dance.

_ Mr. Damola Ilesanmi, Ondo.

You have to consider the price first. If you are the type that can afford a live band that sings your type of music for the occasion, it’s okay. Live band is better but if you are not buoyant financially and could not afford the very best live bands then you can get a good DJ because you can get a good DJ at a lower price compared to what you will be paying to get a very good live band.

_ Alunsi Obioma, Lagos.

 I’ll prefer both. DJ would play my favourite songs just the way it is without adding or subtracting anything. Live band would sing a song uniquely for me probably mentioning my name, people’s name and so on. They’ll both have their own time to perform in the occasion.

_ Miss Laura Jacintha, Lagos.

Many opt for the live band performance because they want to feel their part in the ceremonies. No matter what you love to have, Nigerian parties are a delight and we cannot but get enough of it.

Let’s have your view on this topic in the comment section. Thanks for taking time in reading this piece.

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