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Nigerian parties are avenues to know more about the people’s lifestyle. Nigerians are party lovers. We love social gatherings where we meet our relatives, old friends and make new friends. Parties are avenue for the socialites to show their dexterity and spend their money. There are huge amounts of money spent lavishly on ceremonies such as birthdays, naming, burial and wedding. Money is spent on food, drinks, clothes but the major ATM at the venue of the parties is the live performing bands.

The live performing bands are very common in the Southern parts of the country. They give life to the party as they dish out melodious tunes to the listening pleasure of their audience. They do more than dishing out tunes but also render praises. Live bands praise the celebrants and their friends just like the urban court music of the Hausa people praise their patrons. Praise singing is the live wire of Yoruba parties. Fuji, Juju, Apala and Gospel genre musicians have a way of praising the socialites till they drop the last naira note in their pocket. Owambe which literally means ‘present’ is a place to show your presence in cash.

Igbo Highlife artists would make you compete in the battles of riches on their stage. If the live performing artist has praised a car dealer more, a politician in the gathering would pull more stunts to show he is richer. This is just like swashbuckling on the Forbes list to enrich the pockets of the live band. Parties are even one of the motivations in our society; we don’t want another man to be richer so we double our hustles. Our parties are also used as a means of money laundering.

The live performing band usually consists of a lead singer, backup singers, drummers and other instrumentalists. The band usually has someone who gets the name of the person to be praised. Those days, this people are referred to as ‘people who begged to live’. Nowadays, they are one of the richest and famous in our society. Truly, praise singing does magic. The live bands are still in existence till today despite the invention of disc jockey. Disc jockey may be a wonderful alternative to live band but the magic the later brings can’t be compared. Most people want to enjoy music raw, and that’s the live performing band’s stand. It’s another Nigerian partying weekend; many are learning new dance steps and stacking the paper in mint condition. Won’t you attend one today and see Nigerians in their partying styles.

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