Nigerian OAP, Toolz Offers Sage Advice

A famous Nigerian radio personality, Tolu Oniru aka Toolz offers sage advice to women in her audience.

The mother of two has been notorious for her hot takes on relationship and navigating societal experiences on her podcast but this time she has come on Instagram to encourage women to opt for the easier life when needed.

Toolz Offers Sage Advice to Women

She spoke particularly about getting help on the home front especially with typical domestic chores like cooking and cleaning. On her Instagram story, she wrote

“Suffering is not a badge of honour. Get a cook, cleaner, etc.

The OAP also asked that the women learn these skills as a backup plan in case their domestic help misbehaves. She continued,

‘But by all means, know how to do all they do yourself in case they start acting mad.’

Nigerian Oap, Toolz Offers Sage Advice

This piece of advice was triggered after a follower of Toolz commented that there was no trophy for the wife who had suffered the most which was in relation to house chores.

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