Popular OAP Brags About Stripping Ex Of Gifts

In the trending conversation centred around people collecting things while leaving relationships, a popular OAP brags about stripping ex of gifts she gave them while in the relationship.

The controversial media personality Shade Ladipo shared with her Instagram how she collected most of the items she bought for her ex-boyfriend, including a laptop, iPad etc, after they broke up.

OAP Brags About Stripping Ex of Items She Bought

She maintained that it was a smart move because taking those items from her former boo meant she spent more as he did not spend enough on her anyway.

Her post read,

“I just realized I’m Petty AF. I have collected gift baccccck. Collected iPad, collected laptop, almost collected phone but because of God. I’m Mrs. Petty because guess what, If I collected my gifts back then it means that you didn’t buy as much or more so e means say na me spend pass. Choi, I’m too smart”

Popular Oap Brags About Stripping Ex Of Gifts

Recently, this same OAP was criticized for saying that she had no intention of putting her body through childbirth. Many believed she was selfish for deciding on what to do with her body.

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