Nigerian Men: Bad Irritating Grooming Habits

Oya, our Nigerian men get in here, this is for you. With the increasing rate of social media usage in Nigeria, it is no longer news to see women being called out for dirty habits if issues of cleanliness are trending.  Not just are women being chastised for not being clean enough (as though they are the only ones that occupy this space), they are also being threatened of not being marriageable materials or “wife material” enough.

Yes, it is okay to recognize that women have the gift of nurturing more than men on a normal biological plain, however, the continuous pressure constantly placed on women as “ambassadors of cleanliness” makes one wonder if the other gender does not need to keep clean too.
That being said, there are men that keep clean properly, like it is even attracting and sexy seeing a neat man that takes hygiene seriously. However, the focus of this is to tell some of our men to stop some of the following dirty habits as “no be only woman dey see soap for the market”. Here we go!

Dirty Ears: Please, please, and please, Biko, if you see cotton bud in the market, buy. If you like, borrow from your neighbor but mehhhnn, just make sure you keep your ears clean. If you can wash with water when you shower. Don’t say the women are not “romantic enough” because they don’t “lick your ear”. You need to check yourself properly.

Moving on, bad toilet habits can be annoying and alarming at the same time. Starting with not flushing after you are done using the “white house,” or leaving the toilet seat up. What about splashing water and leaving the toilet seat wet with either pee or water, which I think it is pee because the sink and the tap are usually far from the toilet seat so, well let us stop imagining. What about the ones that find it difficult to wash their back bottom when showering because they think it is a gay thing? Odimma, continue until you get a badge for spreading odor around town.

Please brothers in the house, Bic is very cheap. Do not come wearing revealing sleeveless shirts when your underarm is harboring mosquitoes. Keeping your underarm clean is a priority on your grooming list. Keep that in mind always.

No need mentioning the dirty shoes and smelly socks some men wear. Like if only that black socks can scream, I am sure all it can say is dehydration.

What about the ones that pride themselves with dirty fingernails? Or the ones that add meat to their meals by biting their fingernails? Hummmm, I am short of words. Please stop it with immediate effect. That shii… is irritating.

Lest I forget, please pedicure is not only for the women. The salons and spas along the road in your street or your estate offer this service. Patronize them for yourself sake.

Finally, for those Nigerian men that do not clean up after themselves generally, leaving your plate where you ate, having untidy rooms and houses, wearing your underwear till it has ‘seven colors’, please it is time to stop. Grow up and stop looking for excuses for being dirty.