Nigerian Gay Activist Talks About Gays in Nigeria

Nigerian gay activist, Bisi Alimi has expressed optimism about the safety of gays in Nigeria.

Alimi how is well known to be a pro LGBTQ, says he is sure that Nigeria has the capacity to love gays. He made this known via his Instagram page.

While speaking during a question and answer session on Instagram, he said in the nearest future, Nigeria will welcome the LGBTQ members.

The Nigerian gay activist said, ” “Yes I strongly believe that. I strongly believe that like every other humans and nations, Nigerians and Nigeria have the ability, the tendency and the emotions to be kind, loving, welcoming and accepting. But it won’t happen over night, we will to all come together and see the intersectionality in our reality.”

For now, it is criminal to be a gay or lesbian in Nigeria according to the Criminal Code Act and the Same Sex Marriage (Prohibition) Act 2013.

Alimi recently celebrated four years of being married to his white husband, Anthony Davies. They got married in London on November 5, 2016. He celebrated the marriage anniversary with tweets and pictures.

Nigerian Gay Activist, Bisi Alimi'S Tweet
Nigerian Gay Activist, Bisi Alimi’s Tweet

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