The Nigerian educational system is one of the several systems in the country going haywire. There are so many problems we are facing as a nation that needs urgent attention. Bribery, corruption, herdsmen attacks, kidnaps, and so on are rampant in our society these days. Education is one area that can be used to tackle these problems but things are getting worse because of the wrecking system. When the mind is effectively trained, the problem we are facing will be minimal. Our educational system should not be built on sinking sand. Drastic measures must be taken to prevent this.

Educational System

Our educational system has failed from it’s foundation. In the midst of survival, there have been so many schools around that are not up to  standard. In those days, teachers are well-trained in the teachers’ college. These days, secondary school graduates takes up opportunities to teach even when they lack pedagogy. Many schools are not conducive for learning thereby having effect on the pupils. Some parents/guardians are now pushing their children/ward through the classes so as to finish as soon as possible. This will have effects on the children in the future.

Those in the colleges have found an illegitimate way to pass examinations. Most schools help their students to perform well so as to be in the good books of the government and examining bodies. Special centers have taken the place of special late night studying. Questions papers are been leaked year in, year out and it has became a norm. There are no keen interests in the examinations (WAEC/NECO/GCE) as before.  The reading culture is also on decline as a result of this. Cultism now has its roots in the college. Secondary schools are now a grooming ground for social vices. 

Tertiary institutions are now producing many unemployable graduates. The students are taught to read and pass rather than effecting a change in the society. Loads of materials are given out to read for examinations instead of preparing for the future. The only time some lecturers show up is during examination. ‘La cram, La pour’ is the code for students in our tertiary institutions. Scores, results and grades exchanged for money are doing better than the stock exchange. Sex for marks is rampant and therefore causing havoc in our society. Our universities that have produced great men in the past are now lagging behind in the assembly of universities in the world.

The educational system needs several background checks and a re-birth to take us to our promise land. Education is germane to have a better society. Everyone; government, parents, students and teachers all have roles to play in saving our dying educational system. Let us join our hands to safe the future of our land. 

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