Fura Da Nono is a Northern Nigeria drink that is native to the Fulani tribe. Fura da nono means millet and milk. Nono is a locally fermented milk with a consistency that is thick but not quite as thick as yoghurt. The Northern part of Nigeria is home to herdsmen who rear cattle, so the milk factory (cows, goats) from which this drink is gotten is readily available. You will definitely get the ingredients for this menu from the local Hausa communities around you.

In Northern Nigeria, the vendors mold the fura (millet) into a ball and it’s mashed into the milk just before serving. This is seen as a nifty trick as it gives the vendors/sellers the opportunity to sell the fura and nono separately. When you make this drink on your own, there is no need to first make the millet into a ball. Simply process and combine the ingredients.


Few ingredients are used in making this drink. This includes millet, cloves, alligator pepper, ginger, nono (kafir milk) and sugar to taste.


Fura Da Nono

Wash the millet and combine it with a cup of water. Add the spices (alligator pepper, ginger and cloves) and pour in a blender. Blend until the combinations are very smooth. You can choose to soak the millet for about 5 minutes to make blending easier. Pour the blended millet into a pot, place on low medium heat and stir until a dough forms. Add a tablespoon of water to the millet dough, reduce the heat to the minimum and simmer for another 5 minutes. The next thing to do is to scoop the millet dough into a bowl. Then, set aside to cool. Add in nunu (kafir) and gently mash the millet dough. Add sugar to taste, then Fura da nono can be served cold.

This Northern drink is so sweet when tasted. If you are a lover of Nigerian music, you would have heard the Mavins’ crew mentioning fura da nono in one of their hit tracks. ‘Your lover is sweeter than fura da nono,’ they sang. For this drink to be on the same weighing balance with love, it must be worth the taste. Enjoy your fura da nono with Tuwo Shinkafa and Miyan zogale. Bon appetite!

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